Saturday, December 31, 2011


 Hey guys! 
 During the christmas time my parents and i went to a new restaurant in salzburg that opened up a couple of weeks ago and since my brother is a new member of the crew i also wanted to check out his new workplace. 
For this occasion i chose to wear a golden brocade dress from zara (old collection) with an old vintage belt with lions on it from my mum and a new clutch from h&m.
This is probably my last post in 2011...so i wish you all a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Hey everyone…hope you are all having a good time! I’m pretty exhausted after sale shopping since we started yesterday early in the morning just to avoid crowds - but it was definitely worth it! I found a lot and now i'm really happy with all my purchases. But for now i will show you how I spent Christmas Eve ....

  (our christmas tree)

Monday, December 26, 2011

The day before christmas...

After a funny Christmas staff partyon thursday at the baruania and a really stressfull last minute Christmas shopping on Friday (7 hours in a row) I’ve  packed all my stuff at midnight and took the new “westbahn”  train at 10 am in the morning to get home to my family. 
(workmates - pro pro team @ urania)
 (this is the outfit i was wearing at the christmas party)
bag & coat - zara
 jewellery - h&m
One thing I noticed right away was that I don’t have to carry  my heavy suitcase all the way up over 3 steps..like I usually did! This is such a big advantage for all overpackers…and yes I’m 100 % such a person!!
When I first walked into the ground level train i really thought I was at the business class - but  i was at the right department. The leather seats are really nice and comfy – perfect for a power-nap!
Tickets can be bought online but you can also buy your ticket from the on-board train service personnel – like I did. From Vienna to Salzburg you will pay € 23,80.
The trains have WESTstewards in every department and they are so polite & friendly +WESTlan service allows passengers to use free wireless internet on board. At the moment I think I prefer to travel with this train...
 (new trainstation of salzburg)
(my christmas tree at home in vienna)

...in the next post you'll get to see how i spent my christmas eve !!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Decoration

 Guess what...i've finally have my own white christmas tree. This year, me and my bofriend put the new tree up already 2 weeks before Christmas. I wasn't sure about  the quantity of decoration stuff ...but i think i'm only missing a few highlights on it. Decorating the whole apartment is something i really love about this time and as soon as Christmas wraps up i'm still trying to find the perfect presents for my parents.
When do you start with all the decoration?
 (lovely owl from butlers)

(home baked )

 (i got this beautiful star for 1 € from allerlei)
 (christmas glitter ball from butlers)
 (little D.I.Y - gift ribbon from depot)
(home-baked vanilla crescents)
(cute gift from my mum - perfect for christmas decoration)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bloggerdinner + OOTD

 What a fun BLOGGER night…yesterday Vicky invited us to her place for a little dinner. It all started at 7 pm and surprisingly I was on time…so I snapped some pictures of the wonderful decorated table before the rest of the bloggers showed up. Vicky  prepared a wide range of delicious food and tons of wine …hello headache!        
We had so much fun last night…and it was great getting to know everyone better, taking pictures as usual with instagram (such a typical blogger-app) and talking and laughing about tons of different topics. I ended up getting at home at 3 o’clock in the morning ... never expected that.
Thank you again sweety for such an amazing dinner at you place!! Hopefully it won't be too long before we see us again.

part of the dinner were:
host, vicky bikinisandpassports, anna h.anna, madeleine dariadaria, anna mangoblüte, julia fanfarella, maria stylekinddom, vanessa modewurst 


this was my outfit i was wearing during the day

i was wearing:
 zara - pants, jacket
h&m - headband
f21 - leoprint blouse
deichman - shoes 
black sweater from my mum