Friday, January 20, 2017

What to wear: Ball Season

I guess a lot of you guys know that the first two months of the year  here in Vienna are pretty packed up with all kinds of balls you can imagine!One of the biggest question is definitely ‚What to wear’. I’ve teamed up with the Mariandl Shopping center in order to share with you my personal tips when it comes to getting ready for these kind of events! Attending a classic ball night is not only exciting but also a little bit nerve-wracking – which shouldn’t be the case when you follow a steps.

Depending on the event you’re attending  you should definitely have to make sure to wear a dress that works for you. There are so many different options out there that it can be tricky to find the perfect gown that enhances your personal features. Personally i always love to get inspired when i’m not even sure what i’m actually looking for. In this case i can highly recommend Pinterest which allows you to create your personal board that helps you to define the search. Of course not everybody has the same bodytype – so in order to find the most flattering dress here is a quick overview (scroll down).

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What to Wear: WinterWonderLand

Back in the game – and to be honest i couldn’t be happier. Originally i planned to take a little break from blogging and really focus on other things in order to get back fully motivated and energized. But oh boy – a really bad flu was waiting for me and a few days after New Years Eve i felt completly knocked. out. Usually i’m someone who’s super resistent when it comes to being sick but this time i had to deal with this super annoying situation for more than a week. But enough with all the negative stuff – it’s time to get back up and share with you my must have styles to get through winter. As you guys know i’m a big fan of layering but compared to summer, winter looks take a little bit more thought especially when the temperatures hit below zero degrees Celsius. So when you’re planning a trip to Winter Wonderland with the same condition i can highly recommend OVER-SIZED WOOLEN JUMPERS. They are so easy to throw on and look stylish at the same time. Since i’m not a big fan of fitted knit jumpers i’m happy that the men departments offer a bunch of loose options like this one. Another must-have when it comes to keeping me warm is definitely a cozy winter coat that allows you to wear at least 3 layers underneath. Instead of wearing antoher black one i opted for this DARK GREEN COAT that brings a little bit more color to my life. I’m beyond satisfied with the texture and look that i found myself wearing this beauty non stop. To top things off i went for my favorite black boots which i pimped with furry shoe insoles to keep my feet warm.