Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Replace your Statement Necklace | Neck Scarf

As you guys already know I was lucky enough to grab a few of my favorite pieces from the current GAP Spring Collection in order to put together an outfit. Who thought that i would finally find the perfect black pants – not to tight, not to loose and which obviously works wonders for any figure! Plus – it’s the ultimate basic piece that goes with everything and i can’t wait to rock them with all of my sandals!!  I also incorporated my new neck scarf which i got from Kiton which is a luxury brand from Neaples, and i think that i will definitely continue wearing these kind of statement pieces in the next few months (since i own more than just one)! What do you think about this new/old trend?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Night & Day | a short Film

The day has finally come! The short fashion film by Patrick Domingo of #theLionTweeds is finally online! We waited patiently but we were excited like nobodys business to share this amazing work on our blogs!

Filming was spread out over a few hours at the Vienna Sofitel Stephansdom; one being the black and one the white room and i can tell you that this was obviously the best decision for this project which worked perfectly with the fashion choices of #LewonandJane! It was such a seamless process that from the minute we started to shoot we knew that this would turn out to something we’ve never expected at all. But now it’s your turn – tell me your thoughts and your opinion on short fashion films!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day | Lionheaded x Fashiontweed

Another Day, another Vision! Today it's all about the second part of our Night & Day Shooting! As i mentioned in the previous post i got the chance to be part of a project which became more than a collarboration between talented people - it's actually a fresh beginning which allows us to experiment with new ideas in order to create something we've always dreamed or wished for! I have to say that over the  years i delevoped a passion for moving pictures aka videos or in this case we're talking about a fashion film which was the actual Intention of this collarboration and so i'm more than happy that i'm finally able to work with people who share the same passion and take a different approach and find another way to build up something from a different perspective! 

REPLAY: Jacket
CARRERA: Shadeys
ZARA: Long Dress, Shoes
VINTAGE: Hat, Dress


Photographers: Patrick Domingo, Lady Venom

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Night | Lionheaded x Fashiontweed

Being extraordinary in an ordinary world – this is probably the best way to describe this shooting i did in collaboration with male fashionblogger Lionheaded, Video maker & Photographer Patrick Domingo and Vienne’s Instagram Phenomenon Lady Venom. Grunge, & Edginess were the main inspiration for the shooting but whilst texting each other 5 days in a row about new ideas and different ways we can go for,  we simply came up with the conclusion that this shooting/film is just the beginning of something new – called #theliontweed and i guess this is one of the best parts of working with people who share the same enthuasim and dedication – you truly feel understood and free to share your thoughts.  It was such a pleasure to be able to work these supertalented people and being part of a story which will be continued in the next few weeks. For the first part of three we started the story with the title „Night & Day“ and obviously the perfecet location to chooose for this project was defintiely the the Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom – clean design and the option of having a white and black room in one buildung made our plan even more realizable.  So last Sunday it finally happened – we turned into Rockstars! I have to mention that i feel so appreciative to be sharing this experience and finally show you the Pictures of the„Night“-Part of our „Day & Night“ Shooting -  it feels so good when you bring a vision to life!
So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and definitely come back on Friday – because that’s the day of the publication of the actual materpiece of this project – the Fashion Film!

INTIMISSIMI: Top underneath
REPLAY: Leather Jacket
GUCCI: Shades
ZARA: Shoes
H&M: Pants
THOMAS SABO: Ring, Bracelet


Photographers: Patrick Domingo, Lady Venom

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Monochrome & a Pop of Color

So i guess the season of wearing soft layers has officially started and i’m so glad that the temperatures have finally risen over the last few days. You simply feel so much better, more energetic and of course your mood changes in a second when the sun’s ray hits your face. So for today i still have a 'more on the winter-side-kind-of'-outfit for you guys but one thing is for sure – this amazing hot red bag by Fossil will be featured on the blog more than just once. Instead of wearing an all-in-black outfit i grabbed for my new top from Bik-Bok which is acutally from a two-piece look. Anyway, so for now i’m hoping that the weather stays this nice for the next weeks so that i can keep my looks fresh without keeping the colors too constant and also start to experiment a little bit more. So what are you currently loving for spring? Let me know!

Monday, March 16, 2015

All time Favorite | Navy Blue Coat

So this outfit is some sort of a typical look of mine – or I’d rather say a uniform that i can always count on! In order to mix things up  i’ve finally managed to incorporate my new white chucks which makes me crave Spring even more.  But before I’m finally able to shed all the layers i was rocking in the past few months i’m  still trying to wear my favorite winter pieces as long as i can.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

OUTFIT | Front Cooking Event at LUGECK Figlmüller

So i guess you’ve probably seen yesterday’s post and hopefully also the latest Episode of our Channel StyleGuide TV. Like i mentioned in those articles i was invited to a lovley event at LUGECK Figlmüller Wien. So on that day i decided to wear my new trenchcoat from GAP. I have to say that i was a little bit too optimistic concerning the weather or let’s say i was blinded by the sunlight and thought that Spring has already sprung. But in all honesty it was still too cold and i definitely have to wait a few weeks until i’m able to rock this classic piece again. But another highlight i’m currently obsessed with  - these amazing shoes made out of black and white snake-effect leather. Ever since i received them i got sooo many compliments that these beauties can be awarded as my new „Showstoppers“ as i like to call it. So in order to keep them in good condition, like they are right now, i really have to force myself not wearing them too often – because it happend in the past that a lot of my „Showstoppers“ fell apart. But let me tell you, these brogues are probably the first flat shoes which were absolutley nice to my feet and probably for the very first time i didn’t get blisters at all and i guess the cushioned insole and the fact that these shoes are handcrafted play a big part. I got them from Duoboots which is an online store where you get woman’s footwear handcrafted in up to 21 calf sizes and 3 widths (how amazing is that) – and i guess we’ve all been there dismissing a beautiful pair of shoe because it simply happens that you’re not a straight number everytime. So when i followed all of their instructions or better say measured everything out i felt 100 sure about my choice of size – and you know what, the fit like a glove!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Front Cooking at LUGECK Figlmüller Wien + StyleGuideTV Video

Second Post for today, but this deserves to be mentioned in a seperate article – the event i’ve been invited last Sunday. Usually i’m such a coch potato on this particular day and in all honesty i don’t think about getting dressed up or leaving the house by any means. But his Sunday was different because the lovely people from LUGECK Figlmüller Wien decided to invite a bunch of bloggers to their restaurant which is located right in the first district (Lugeck 4, 1010 Wien). So the fact that you have to walk a little through the city before you get to your destination simply gave me the opporunity to enjoy a silent and empty city and i realized that i definitely have to discover more backstreets and hidden places instead of taking the metro or bus. Anyway, back to the topic - so after a warm welcome we were guided through the  restaurant in order to get to know every single corner and take a look behind the scenes - which was actually the main part of the event which leads me to the front cooking part where we ended up getting a live experience how a specific meal and deserts are made, Beef Tartar & Mohnknödel -  super delicious. We were also shown their newest cookbook which is in my opinion one of the coolest cookbooks i’ve seen in a while because i really love the fact that it really concentrates on the acutal thing  - but you guys should check it out yourself (but definitely a wonderful option as a gift). All in all i can say that i really enjoyed every single minute and truly felt in good hands – and of course we took this opportunity to capture all those lovely moments for another Styleguide TV Episode. 


So today i want to show you the pictures of the day before we (talking about #StyleGuideTVGirls) started to shoot our two looks of our latest collaboration. If you haven't  seen it by now definitely check out our latest episodes where we also documented our recent trips & events. Anyway, today it’s all about this amazing trenchcoat from GAP. I was never really drawn to this kind of look or rather say the really classic one but after wearing it a couple of times i totally appreciate having such a classic staple in my closet. What i love the most about this piece is definitely the fact that this trench is 100 % cotton and simply adds this sophisticated touch to any outfit. And if you want to see this versatile coat in motion, click here or scroll down below!