Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Last Minute Carnival Look

It’s carnival season in Europe and if you’re thinking about participating and planing to dress up, i thought i’d share two looks that you can achieve in less then 15 minutes. Of course not everyone wants to spend hours and a lot of money on a look that you only rock for one night. That’s why i found two looks, that are not only completely different compared to each other, but also super budget friendly.

The first look is all about stars & glitter. Especially when you always wanted to try out new make up trends carnival is probably the time to test-drive colored looks. In my case i kept it pretty simple and only added glitter under my eyes with the help of a few drops of sticky lipgloss. The second step is all about your personal preference – just apply skin clue on your tiny little stars and place them wear you want them to have. E voià – a new star child is born.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Remixing Fashion with Zalando

The high low style trend is probably the kind of style that became more and more popular over the last few years. It’s not only a way of keeping your wardrobe fresh for less it’s also a great way to get a little bit more creative when it comes to mixing high-end & high street pieces and proving that it is not about how much money one puts into an outfit!

Being a high-low dresser and mixing high-end designs with lower priced pieces is probably one of the best ways to create an interesting and relateable mix and match ensemble which actually shows the amount of style and chicness that comes from within. The key to high-low dressing is definitely splurging on items you can wear season after season – for example a designer bag that won’t go out of style, which is probably one of those pieces women love to invest in. But also a classic well-tailored blazer or coat works perfectly with low priced items that can elevate your whole look in a second.

So in order to welcome a new season – yes, spring is just around the corner - i’ve teamed up with Zalando to show you my personal high-low outfit that features a few items from their premium and streetwear section. The first piece i stumbled across was this amazing blue skirt by DKNY, which is actually a piece that you can wear on both sides but definitely acts as a true statement piece. So of course i intended to pair it with something a little bit more casual and opted for a classic black sweater from the streetwear section. To top things off i combined this look with this super comfortable but also affordable nude boots  from Topshop and this amazing bag also by DKNY which became my companion N°1 over the last few days!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to transition from Winter to Spring | Statement Coat

Even though we are still dealing with cold temperatures it’s definitely time to start thinking about seasonal transitioning. If you are like me, you are itching to get out of those boring muted colors you’ve been wearing over the last few months – it’s definitely time for a pop of color in your life. But how to start dressing for spring without freezing to death in this still-wintery weather! The answer is definitley layering up with lighter pieces in order to be able to wear a  coat like this one which i found while i was browsing in the  'between seasons'-coat section of the online store about you. This much thinner and fashionable than a puffy one. Instead of choosing black i went for this coppery shade that spices up any look. I can also imagine wearing this oversized piece with mom jeans, a simple white tee and maybe some strappy sandals! Spring, i am ready for you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Make your own Style Rules

I have to say that I’ve never been the girl who was only interested in one specific style since i always enjoyed being open about anything. From boho chic, to minimalism – i have tried it all. And that is what is it all about – experimenting and defining over time. The other day i looked back at the evolution of my style wich is a mix of everything. I went from girly vintages dresses to masculine looks. It’s super funny, especially when you documented everything and find looks you would never ever wear again – and who knows what i would say in 10 years from now. But one thing is for sure – a classic denim jeans will always be a staple you can wear for many years. Combined with stars and stripes, which adds a little bit more fun to the whole look, i was good to go when i headed to London last week.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Look for Spring | Mini Skirt

If someone ask me what piece of clothing i rarley wear throughout the year than i would probably say mini skirts. Somehow i always felt way too girly whenever i tried to pull them off but over the last few months i felt the urge to jump back on the bandwagon and give it another try. The best way to do so is definitely whenever i’m traveling. Before i end up wearing my favorite pieces over and over again i often try to bring at least 3 pieces with me that i rarley wear. It’s probably one of the best way to force yourself to be a little bit more creative and at the same time you simply make sure to get more use of every pice you own. I have to say that i actually bought this skirt 3 with the intention to spice up my looks but since the temperatures dropped down back in december i obviously had to wait a little longer. Combined with a white tee i stealed from my mom’s closet, my favorite black cardigan and this colorful scarf i finally got the chance to wear this beautfiul A-lined black pleather skirt when i was visiting my parents in my hometown.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

STYLE | Biker Coat

As much as i love wearing layers like there is no tomorrow i have to say that this winter was new challenge when it comes to staying warm but looking fashionable at the same time. Usually  i’m someone who loves to wear superlong coats and really gets excited when i’m finally having the chance to rock my favorite pieces but this year i found myself lusting over a different model – the biker coat! Ever since i got my hands on this beauty i truly ended up wearing it every day. What i absolutly love about it, is that it has a slighty masculine touch that can spice up any outfit. Combined with a blue skinny jeans and my new favorite shirt from Na-ked (look at those sleeves) i'm good to go.