Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Spring is here – that’s for sure and i guess i’m not the only one who’s always on the hunt for the perfect light coat between seasons and let me tell you – i found it! I actually wore this amazing jacket in my previous post but since i developed a little obsession with this amazing piece i thought i would talk about it one more time – and i also have to say that got i so many compliments that an extra post is truly justified. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Every Hat tells a story!

If you will ever met me during the day you will probably notice one thing– i’m always wearing something on my head. I don’t know why but over the last few years beanies, hats and all kinds of headpieces became my signature pieces and somehow it really helped people to recognize me. So whenever i decided to look a little bit different (and you have to know that every now and then i love joining the Chamelon-Club) i had to introduce myself one more time. So again i’m wearing a hat in this post and this gorgeous coat which i probably the key piece of this outfit and please excuse the fact that i’m obviously wearing the same shoes over and over again – but i’m still in love with them! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I guess we all know this situation when you’re strolling around in the city having absolutely no intention to buy anything unless it seems to be really special or you fell in love with a piece of clothing you can’t get out of your head. That happend to me 2 weeks ago with this beautiful black trench coat which is actually something between a coat and blazer when it comes to the fabric. I have to say that this piece became my companion number one over the last few days and i’m superhappy with this unplanned purchase!  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pinstripe Coat

So after the StyleGuide Video i finally have a normal outfit post for you guys.  I actually wanted to post this look  2 weeks ago but the last week was a little bit crazy – you will get the point when you head over to my instagram
As you can see I’m wearing a skirt which is actually not my favorite item when it comes to clothing. I don’t know why but i’m such a fan of loose-fitting pants that i often forget to rock anything else.