Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Keep it simple

A very chilled outfit for a very chilled day - this is probably the best way to describe this minimalistic look and somtimes a simple combo paired with your favorite sneakers instantly give you this grounded vibe which we all need during a stressfull day.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fashion Carousel

As you can tell from my Instagram i'm currently in Salzburg enjoying some quality time with my family - which is way overdue. I havn't been here since Christmas (#shameoneme) but unfortunately the last weeks were so packed up that i wasn't able to come and visit my hometown sooner! It's always so refreshing and somehow it always brings up memories from the past when i think of the time when i used to live here - but in all honesty i couldn't imagine moving back - Vienna became my home where i see myself for a really long time! However this will always be the place where i have the chance to come down, escape from the hectic life and be a little less productive which is my opinion superimportant to get some energy back. So today i want to show you my my first look which i was wearing in Bordeaux and let me tell you this city is one of a kind. But before i tell you more about my trip i have to mention my obsession for these pants - they are sick and i'm still head over heels! I decided to combine this piece of clothing with my favorite Vintage Trench Coat - back to the roots i would say. I guess you can also rock this pants with basics, like a white tee or a simple tank top but in my case i wanted something with a little bit more depth and went for a layerd look.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Choose Vintage

If you follow my blog for quite a while you would probably know that Vintage clothing has long been a passion of mine ever since i started my blog! It’s not only the perfect way to feel unique and cherish old pieces from the past but i think we all shouldn’t focus always on the new stuff.  With that in mind i’m more than happy to finally show you my latest purchase which i’ve found at the Liechtenstein Park Fleamarket last weekend. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw this dress but on top of that i only paid € 3 for it - (this is not a joke).  Best deal ever! Big thanks to Andreea from the Blog „Les Factory Femmes“ for capturing these pictures!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hidden Places

Back im April while we (Patrick & Raffael) were on the hunt for an authentic Recording Studio for our second Fashion Film "Sundown" we came across this amazing venue in St. Marx – as you can see it’s is not only perfect for all kinds of events but also a stunning place to take some shots. As i mentioned in today’s instagram post Vienna has so much to offer and there is still no end in sight!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


So as you can see this is the same look from yesterday’s post – with a little difference. If you follow me on my social media you’ve probably noticed that i’ve spend a few days in Bordeaux. Before we headed back home we had only 40 minutes to shop around – this may sound pretty tricky but lucky me i finally found these shoes which i’ve been on craving for months! Totally different but sometimes you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone! Speaking of comfort – you can’t even imagine how comfortable they are and you can even wear them with shorts without looking to dressed up!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pago | Fresh Summer Drink

You wouldn’t know it from looking at my blog or instagram, but you have to know that i’m a huge sucker for juice - especially flavors like blood orange or grapefruit are some of my favorites. So in this case i’m coming up with something totally different and brandnew at the same time which is by far the best part about a blog - brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. With that in mind i’m excited to finally show you the new flavor addition of an austrian traditional company which was founded in 1897 by the brothers Franz & Jakob Pagitz – any ideas?! 

Yes, i’m talking about Pago which is  expanding its product portfolio with the launch or their new Honeydew Melon & Mango Juice – and if you take a sip  from their tiny green bottle (which is currently placed in an gigantic size on the Riesenrad – Giant Ferries Wheel) you can instantly tell that you’re tasting premium fruit juice. So when it comes to flavors i usually play more on the safe side but oh boy you have to try out this new taste – probably the best fruit combination from their range which consists of more than 30 flavours – from juices to nectars there’s something for everyone and indeed Pago played a signifanct role in my teens or let’s say when i went to school – meeting with your friends and having a cold Pago-Drink with half a liter of water was probably the best refreshment you could have during a hot summer day or let's say it was simply the classic option you could go for – and you know what, nothing changed so far! But furthermore – those little bottles are also perfect for fresh Summer Cockatils! You’ll find the recipes down below!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Special Edition | Les Factory Femmes X StyleGuide TV

One of the best things about working in this industry is definitely the fact that you’re constantly meeting new inspiring people and in this case i’m talking about the lovely ladies from the Blog Les Factory Femmes. I admire their style and i’m always blown away whenever i meet them in real live – their outfit combos are simply one of a kind! So in matter of fact i thought that a collab with these two amazing girls would be as good as their style! So today i’m happy to share with you guys one of my favortie Lookbook which we shot a few weeks ago at the Naschmarkt – best choice! We only had 1 full hour to shoot and i’m pretty happy with the outcome! Since i’m also a part of this video i definitely have to thank photographer & instagramer Max who helped me realize this project! Hope you like it!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Black Forest

Hey everyone – long time no see! Things have been pretty hectic these past few days since i’m working on so many projects but also got the amazing chance to be part of an incredible trip to Bordeaux from Wednesday to Friday! But more of that in the next post. The good news is that i still have so many pictures to share and going even further – an amazing Lookbook-Video with the lovely ladies from Les Factory Femmes is waiting to be seen! But before i tell you more about that i still have these amazing pictures which were taken a few weeks ago when my mum was visiting for a couple of days! And guess who’s responsible for this amazing outcome! As you guys know i’m a pretty big fan of spicing up my usual posts with something different every now and then – so in this case we went for a black & white theme right in the middle of a small forest  at the Schloss Schönbrunn! I didn’t want to take those classic pictures and so i decided that it was about time to try out a different angle, different poses and of course different settings. In my personal opinion it seems to be mysterious but also relieved at the same time! So what do you guys think of these shots! Let me know!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Carrera Presentation | #OutThere

I think it’s safe to say that you rarley see me rocking sneakers or sporty shoes in general. I’m defintely more into loafers or let’s say shoes which are a little bit more on the masculine side but seeing me wearing these shoes gives me such nostalgia because if you’re a 90ies babe like me you probably remember the time when those kind of platforms were everything and not only for those who loved the Spice Girls. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when i was invited to the Carrera Presenation at the 25 Hours Hotel in order to check out their new Concept #OutThere and ever since i received one pair of their new collection i can officialy say that these specific shades are my favorite of all time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Trench Coat

There’s not a coat out there in the world like the trench coat which is probably one of those pieces that will instantly take your look from boring to chic. Adding the right pair of sunglasses and you can obviously also rock a bad hair day or a hungover like nobody’s business without even trying to hard – that's simply the power of a trench.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Batik Dress

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – i’m still a little bit tired from yesterday’s blogger flea market but i have to say that i love this little get together and i truly had a blast! I used to relax on the weekend but somehow thinkgs have changed! I’m also pretty excited for June but for now i have another look to share! These pictures were taken a few weeks ago at the wonderful Schloß Schönbrunn while my mum was visiting me for a few days – i havn’t been here in ages but it felt so good to be back and i had the chance to enjoy some quality time with my mum. So for that day i decided to mix everything together instead of rocking my usual masculine silhoutte. Since the dress is fairly body hugging, i paired it with my ultime favorite leather jacket which i purchased last month and became probably the best investment of this year i made so far - it truly works with anything!