Friday, February 21, 2014

New Chapter // Style Guide TV

So after 4 years of posting only outfit pictures on my blog i thought it was about time to try something new. You have to know that I was always passionate about  video editing and i always had the intention to create something different for this blog but somehow i never made it happen.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh so special - Ni York Scarf // EnVie Heartwork

If you would ask me about every individual piece i’m wearing in my outfit posts i can honestly say that almost every single item has a special meaning and sometimes a little story to tell! This time i’m excited to share with you guys these first images where you’ll get to see the brandnew Envie scarf called Ni York  - Urban Cashcow.
Since i’m obsessed with navy blue i absoutely love the color combination, the print and also the fact that the fabric is superlight which feels actually like your second skin. And if you’re interested how this specific scarf came to life – here’s a little story i would like to share!! 

In November 2013 enVie Founder & Master Mind Ni decided to explorer the big apple again. Without any reason - apart from Assouline Book Presentation, Olivia Palermo Date, Trick or Treat Parties, Isabel Marant for H&M Launch, heliocopter Tour & much more – she just wanted to discover the big apple from her own view by strolling around all day long. Alone. To get inspired - inspired for something new.

First she met and connecting with interesting people, from fashion field, PR, bookers, brokers, heartbreakers, heartrockers... and finally – after 9 days - she met the potential heartworker for enVie. A young man from Williamsburg (note. The streetartist does not want to be mentioned by name, so we simply call him Creative L. – it´s all about „post or bill“). He is originally from Aserbaidschan and now the streetartist is living in Brooklyn.
Ni. « After printing hundreds of fish skin silk and animalic sujets – i wanted to find something new. A print, which works as artwork and is still able to print in running metres, as well is subject to a continuation of wanderlust stories and city trips around the world. » Thats how the enVie story began nearly 3 years ago. Inspired from a country. From a Journey.

The new enVie map heArtwork collection should display a kind of souvenir from each enVie (business) holiday – instead of a photo, poster or Tshirt – each enVie map scarf is a soft artwork & souvenir to enwrap. In other words: Scarves to wrap into adventures, bondings, inspiration or even desires.... The first 2 unisex „ni york bike city maps“ are available in two sujets. One with Queen head, one with cows. The story behind. You just will discover when you buy one. From Ni personally. Or any enVie insider. It´s all about „what we discover in our life, defines our style“.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Joe's Gang

If you would ever browse through my closet you would probably notice that i definitely have a passion for unique vintage pieces. Most of them are pretty outstanding – talking about sequins and crazy patterned maxi dresses – obviously not a good choice on a daily basis. But since i developed a little obsession with those kinds of clothes i realized that i never got around to exploring some vintage stores here in Vienna – till now. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the owner of the little shop called „Little Joe's Gang“ located at the Operngasse 34 in the 4th district. (MO-FR 2pm – 6 pm // SA 12 am – 5 pm ). He actually graduated from the University of Applied Arts and since 2007 he sells a lot of great vintage/second hand fashion and also his own Little Joe's line of bags and t-shirts!

So 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted this wonderful knit sweater – which is such a timeless and high quality piece that i have to say that i was really, really surprised that i wasn't freezing while we captured this look! And if you're wondering – yes these shades are also from this shop which i actually got for my birthday!

So for those of you guys are always looking for a place where you can find some treasures from the past and love the fact that you never know what you will come across i highly recommend checking out this shop because in my opinion vintage has not only a positive environmental impact but also a great history behind!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Blue Mood

Sorry for my lack of posting but unfortunately i had some problems with my IMac because over the last few months my baby has suddenly started running very slow and of course i had to fix this problem because it wasn't funny anymore! (More of this in the next post). So i'm finally able to show you my latest purchase - this amazing navy blue pinstriped coat (it was actually my birthday gift and i - already talked about in the previous outfit post)! I'm super happy because i think this color is so flattering! I also changed up my scarf to add a little bit of contrast. Wish you all a wonderful weekend!