Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sneaker Love

Back in Summer i was obsessed with one little piece of clothing which became somehow part of my signature look – the vest. It’s one of those pieces that can instantly upgrade your look especially when you’re wearing basics combined with the most comfortoable shoes you can opt for. I also figured my proclivity for white rubber soles became undeniable and that’s why i finally added a pair of Adidas Stan Smith to my shoe collection and have since decided to wear them everday. I honestly have to say that i used to have a hard time embracing white footwear but since i realized that you can even rock them with culottes and dresses i came to the conclusion that white sneakers are the ultimate option for any outfit.

Monday, October 26, 2015

For the Love of Photography

Let’s face it – most of us are talking pictures on a daily basis in order capture amazing moments during the day - but also to throw them up on our social media plattforms and call it a day! Of course, as a blogger i have my personal little outlet where i have the chance to see my pictures in a chronocial order but a lot of people don’t. With everything being so virtual these days, i find that we often forget that digital photos can get lost in the abyss that is your phoneor your computer (myself included) and we also neglect to preserve these moments in a valuable way. Since i’m still a huge fan of physical albums and flipping through old photos i set up a plan to put together a book (like this one) of all my favorite pictures from each year! It sounds overwhelming but i guess the result will be super rewarding but also a great option when it comes to finding individual gifts for Christmas! Who's with me! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Upgrade your Shirt

I love shirts – that’s one fact about me when it comes to fashion. But over the years i found out that there are so many options to rock this piece in different ways. You can either switch it the other way around, roll up the sleeves or simply tuck the front of it into your jeans. But one of my the most innovative way to wear a classic shirt is defintely to wear it as a „Carmen“ top. Super easy and probably the best way to change your look for an another occasion when you’re in a hurry.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

AMA #apfeldazu | Campaign

Last month was pretty packed up with new experiences, interesting projects and of course a lot of fun – and today i finally get to share one of them. Back in August i was asked to be part of a new campaign named #apfeldazu (en: „add an apple) by AMA. As we all know that a regular apple consumption simply helps us to stay healthy and gives us vitamins AMA made it to its mission to encourage companies to provide their employees free apples in order to add an attractive and healthy treat when it comes to snacks in between. 

In case of fruit, apples are by far the most popular product here in Austria -  it’s one of those fruits which accompanied us since the years of early childhood. My favorite way to eat apples is definitely fresh out of my hand but over the years i became a huge fan of the legendary Apfelstrudel which is not only a popular pastry here in Austria but also a must if you ever come to Vienna and plan to visit a traditional vienniese  coffee house.

And if you’re also such a big apple lover you have the chance to win on of the photos on canvas! You will find all the pictures on apfeldazu.at and further more they will get published in the Austrian Magazine WOMAN on the 6th of November! Just simply post a picture of your favorite apple recipe with the hashtag #apfeldazu on instagram!

* Werbung | in friendly cooperation with AMA

Monday, October 19, 2015

Eos Lipbalm | Favorites

If there is one thing i can’t seem to get enough when i comes to a specific lip product, that is often the forgotten friend that fails to receive any time in the spotlight, than it’s definitely the eos lip balm. I have to say that i jumped on the bandwagon pretty late to be excact a little bit over a month ago when i attended the Lollapalooza festival and stopped by at the Eos-Lounge. I have to say that i’m actually pretty close being up to date when it comes to new products but somehow i totally missed the hype of these little bright colored balls but after using them for weeks and giving my lips the same treatment like my face i finally stopped struggeling with chapped lips – but of course you have to be consisent but somehow it works.

So a little bit over a week ago i was invited to a lovely breakfast alongside with some other lovely bloggers in order to discover their whole range since eos is finally avaiable in Austria for example at DouglasEOS lip balm comes in different fruit flavors like strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, summer fruit, sweet mint and they already added more to their collection - pomegranate raspberry and vanilla bean. They’re made from shea butter, vitam E and jojoba oil and contain natural flavors that are meant to provide a pleasant taste and scent as well as protection for the lips. I love the fact that eos lip balm products are paraben-free and that they don’t include petroleum since the lips cannot absorb it. Personally i always let i sink about five minutes before i put on my actual lipstick and since i started using drier products i simply can’t imagine skipping this part.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sky007HD Launch Event in Hamburg | Impressions

Last week i was invited to Hamburg in order to be part of a very special event. For the very first time in history Sky 007 HD will air all twenty-three official Bond movies, with the channel launching on October 5th (today)- and what location would be the ultimate option for a little celebration – of course the Hamburg Hotel Atlantic Kempinski. It’s not only the place where the german rock star Udo Lindenberg has been living there for more than 15 years it was also used as a location in the movie „Tomorrow never dies“.  

The launch of the new pop-up channel kicked off with a red (or in this case a black) carpet event featuring guest appearances by Germany’s only ‘Bond girl’ Karin Dor (You Only Live Twice), skier Willy Bogner, who served as cameraman and stuntman in a number of Bond films, and German Bond villains Götz Otto (Tomorrow Never Dies), Claude-Oliver Rudolph (The World Is Not Enough), Michael Pink (Skyfall) and Detlef Bothe who will appear in forthcoming movie Spectre.

150 guest were invited to enjoy an evening full of James Bond’s typical moments – like drinking Martinis (shaken, not stirred), playing roulette and smoking cigarres. It was so much fun being 007 for one night and i guess my adventure won’t stop here anyway – but more about that very soon. Big thanks to BESSER for inviting me to the Sky Event, i truly had a blast!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bordeaux with Lillet | Impressions

One of my favorite trip this year was definitely the one with Lillet to Bordeaux which is not only the heart of french wine and obviously the perfect destination for wine-lovers, it's also inscribed to the UNESCO World Hertiage List for a 1810 hectare area that spreads over half of the city. 

Since i only posted my outfits i was wearing during this trip, i thought i might also add some impressions of this lovely adventure but furthermore i also managed to capture all those beautfil moments on film which was not always that easy since our schedule was packed with so many activites and insights that i was trying to find the right balance between to actually enjoy the moment but also taking pictures and filming at the same time. You know what i mean!
SIGHTSEEING - our first day started with a super lovely Deux Chevaux tour through the city where we had the chance to see the whole center  in a short amount of time.  Martine, a former English and History professor, who was the guide showed us so many of the historical sights and really captured our attention with her knowledge about Bordeaux. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Old Compton St, London

Supporting brandnew labels has always been a passion of mine. It’s not only inspiring and interesting to be part of something new it’s also the fact to be part of someone else's dream. So when i was in London i was super excited to shoot one specific look featuring this amazing bag from the london based brand Dela Éva and this beautiful tweed top made by the talented austrian designer ZOU. I simply love the combination of these two pieces and and also the fact that this „Royal Blue“ Pursa bag  is inspired by the breathtaking interior of the Belvedere Castle in  Vienna. So defintiely check out the whole range if you’re also a big fan of bucket bags like me – and defintiely stay tuned for more.