Friday, August 10, 2018

Castello di Miramare

Hello from Italy! We are currently on our way to Verona where we will have 3 more nights before we head to our last stop Follina. Our vacation started in Triest over a week ago where we not only strolled around the city but also took the chance to visit the beautiful and breathtaking Castello di Miramare which is a 19th-century castle on the Gulf of Triest. The best way to get there is definitely by ferry (ride cost € 4,25 each person and takes 40 mins) which provides the best view. Miramare Castle is sourrounded by a flourishing park full of precious botanic species and  truly magical when you walk through the park til you get to the former luxurious aristocratic residence of Archduke Maximilian of Austria and his wife Charlotte. Unfortunatley we only had 30 minutes to discover this wonderful place (make sure to check the opening hours) but even that short amount of time was worth the visit – especially when you end your trip with a wonderful dinner right at the habour.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset | Advertisement

I guess most of you are aware that video content creation became pretty popular over the last few years. Even smart phones convince with their amazing quality but somehow audio has been pretty much kicked to the side of the curb. Knowing how to capture great audio is crucial and as a videographer myself i often have to work with external microphones.  Since Sennheiser is known to be the pioner in the audio world i was pretty excited when i got invited to a special event where we invited (talking about fellow bloggers from Vienna) to take the new Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset to the streets in order to capture the sights and sounds of the city. 

We started our tour at the Hard Rock, plugged in the headset to our I-Phones and got familiar with all the settings. Followed by a short Faxi ride at the ring and got back to the first district where we listened to two street musicians  I didn’t expect much but i have to say i was pretty amazed. You can hear everything that is around you so clearly which instantly felt like an extensions of your ears. We then headed to the Naschmarkt, were we walked through the restaurants and got the chance to pick up noises in a different way.  Due to the omni-directonal microphones you’ll be able to capture 360 degree audio with the feature of excellent pair of headphones. Pretty impressive if you ask me. To finsih things off we ended up at the Prater for the great finale.

The Ambeo Smart Headset, which is an over ear design, offers all the the functuality you would expect from premium earphones for you iphone or i pad. High Fidelity Listening, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparent Hearing and the ability to take phone calls and operative voice control.  The smart headset, which includes two high quality microphones , also offers 3D Audio recording to capture the world around you with stunning 3D emersive sound. You get the power button as well as buttons for volume control, and to pause, play or skip. The long white button allows you to switch from transparent hearing mode, situatiol awarness mode to noise cancellation. I have to say that it's super impressive.  Hearing the sound of your city in  a much more deeper way pretty much shows that the picture is only half of the story telling.