Saturday, June 17, 2017

My trip to South Africa with Teekanne Fresh

After 3 months the day has finally come and i’m officially allowed to talk about the reason why i travelled to Capetown in the beginning of March. Together with Julia from Our Clean Journey i was choosen to be part of the new FRESH Campaign by Teekanne. Their new ready to drink beverage called ‚Teekanne Fresh’ which is available in three different flavours (Hugo, Pomegranate Peach, & Berry Lime) is all about 'being who you are'. Compared to other cold drinks Teekanne created something with 0% sugar & 0 calories 100% fruity taste which obviously seems to be the first drink with no compromises when it comes to the ingredients.

And that exactly brings me to the 5 topics of the campain we shot in South Africa for Teekanne. Since Julia talked about her personal view on vacation, fitness & food i was the one talking about fashion & dating. Being or let’s say working in the fashion(blogger) world often forces you to jump on every band wagon in order to keep up with the rest. But in all honesty i have say that following your own rules when it comes to fashion will always be the answer. Of course i also often ended up buying stuff that had nothing to do with my personal style but ever trial and error gets you to the point where you want to be one day. Clothes should be fun! So wear what makes you feel good and being who you are without compromises.

The same applies for realtionships. Without a doubt having someone on your side that makes you feel greater and happier who shares the same thoughts is probably a goal for(almost) everyone. Life is too short to compromise and have bad realtions ships. This is something i learned over the last couple of years – if it wasn’t working me i knew that i had to move on. So with that being said, here are all the impressions of our trip and two clips that captured the topics perfectly. I hope them as much as i do! 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Nina Baumgartner 


* Werbung | in friendly cooperation with Teekanne

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