Monday, June 5, 2017

Lighthouse Festival 2017 X Zalando

Over a week ago Zalando invited 8 austrian bloggers the experience the Lighthouse Festival and without a doubt this trip was definitely of a kind. But where do i even. It all started on the 24th of May. I remember the moment when we, speaking of my blogger colleagues Raffael from The Lionheaded, Deea & Laura from Les Factory Femmes, Anna from Poschstyle, Christl from ChristlClear, Ilja from WayofJay and Hank from HankGe, all met and had absolutely  no clue that we will have a really long drive ahead – but i have to say these 14 hours  were probably the main factor that we bonded as a group for the rest of the trip.

So on the very first day we all took it very easy! Chilled breakfast, got introduced to our amazing villa, which got an upraded look thanks to the lovley people from our personal Heros & Heroines, and also got the chance to check out the Zalando Area which was located near the Light House. Of course there was much to explore that we didn’t even know where to start. We ended up walking around checking out all the day parties where a lot of people enjoyed all kind of music which leads me to the fact that the Light House Festival is not only about electro – there was so much more than this. The program itself offered a bunch of different acts, activities like yoga or roller coaster workshops but also places where you simply got the chance to relax. Especially at the Zalando Aera we found ourselves having fun with the mirror installations or lying in the huge hammocks and checking out the new pieces by Zalando while the sun was setting. Definitely another highlight i like to mention.

So since we had our own private Villa we always found ourselves connecting and having fun with each other – especially on the first official night out we let loose to the fullest. After having couple of drinks we made it to the Roller Disco and danced the night away like nobody’s business. Please don’t ask when we got home and how we felt on the next day – but it was absolutely worth it. The fact that we were always a big group made it even more special and so much fun. Although it always seemed to be simple and relaxed via our Instastories we were super productive and shot like a couple of looks each day. Besides the parties and the lovely conversations including lots of  laughters without end i think it's safe to say that we all had an amazing time together at the Lighthouse Festival! So once again big thanks to Zalando for inviting me and also to Heros & Heroines for taking care of us but also paying attention to every single detail that made everything even more special.

*in friendly cooperation with Zalando

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