Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gucci Bamboo | Find your signature Fragra

As i already mentioned in another post before by saying that by with every change of season that i  always tend to make some personal changes as well i thought that it’s about time to give you guys a little update.  One of them is definitely the issue finding a new fragrance that you will love to wear for the next few months. I have to say that one of the reason why i love to switch up my fragrances is definitely the fact that years later it can bring back some good old memories from the past. 

So for this season i choose to wear a  light, fresh and not to heavy floral fragrance,  deep enough to give off that mysterious vibe that can be worn in any season or anytime of the day. Gucci Bamboo is defintiely one those fragrances which is not to sweet but has a very soft feminine vibe with the slightest touch of creamy powder. The notes are blended beautifully, it’s not too strong but definitley noticeable. The design itself is a true icon and since i adore art deco style i think Gucci nailed 100 % it with the diamond style cut of the glass. So if you’re also a big fan of bergamot you should definitely give it a try.

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