Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stroh 80 | Kitchen Editorial

November was a blur – the month flew by in a series of amazing moments i’ll remember for the rest of my life and alll of a sudden – it’s almost December! It’s true – and that means it’s time to open the door to the holiday season! Of course every respectable establishment offers some sort of special christmas biscuits or drinks but there is one special ingriedient that has accompanied me since my childhood – Stroh 80I was introduced to Stroh 80 by my mum when i was a little girl  trying to help her in the kitchen when it was about time to bake some typical austrian cakes and sweets for our guests. Rum was one of those liquors which always played a huge role especially during the christmas season – but it’s also funny that almost everyone i grew up with or whenever i met new (austrian) people, this liquor will always be associated with „typically Austria“.

It’s really surprising that the world’s strongest rum comes from Austria but sometimes your own country is packed full of surprises. Stroh 80 is of course a traditional dark rum that clocks in at 80% alcohol and contains a butterscotchy aroma. It was 1832 when Sebastian Stroh distilled his firs liquor in St. Paul in Lavanttal in Carinthia where he started an austrian success story that has continued for more than 180 years now. Without a doubt, rum is the most underappreciated spirit which is often perceived as being a product with no real benefit but it’s amazing for baking but also for drinking – it seems like that it is almost an it-piece for the month of december - but be careful it’s a super strong liqor! (If you scroll down below i will also let you know which pastry with stroh is by far my favorite).

So in the spirit of almost being in the christmas mood i wanted to create a super special editoral that combines not only stroh 80 and fashion but also represents a certain christmassy atmosphere - and what would be better than shooting in a hotel’s kitchen where you find yourself in the middle of christmas preperation and being able to look over their shoulders. I truly had a blast with my partner in crime Deea from LesFactoryFemmes! Cheers!


The „Gugelhupf“ is a typical cake for Austria and the southern part of Germany that is known since the 17th century. This type of cake can easily be recognized by the whole in the middle.

INGREDIENTS for the Gugelhupf:

200 g softened butter
200 g sugar
pinch of salt
1 packet vanilla sugar
grated skin of one non-waxed lemon
4 eggs
200 g flour
½ packet baking powder
100 g ground hazelnuts
80 g STROH raisins (raisins soaked for three days in STROH)
butter to grease the cake tin
Austrian Style: cover with powder sugar


Pastry for the Gugelhupf: Whisk the butter with the sugar, salt, vanilla sugar and grated lemon skin until fluffy. Gradually add the eggs. Fold in the flour, baking powder and hazelnuts. Finally, fold in the STROH raisins. Spoon the mixture into a buttered cake tin sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Bake in the oven on the middle shelf for approximately 50 minutes at 180°C.
Austrian Style: after baking the Gugelhupf let it cool down and finally cover it with powder sugar
International Style with overglaze/icing: Heat the apricot jam and pass it through a fine sieve. Add the STROH and stir. Spread it over the hot Gugelhupf and allow it to soak in. Let the Gugelhupf cool down. Meanwhile mix the powder sugar with the lemon juice and water. Spread the overglaze on the Gugelhupf. Enjoy!


ZARA: Top, Skirt, Shoes, Earrings

Photographry: Deea from LesFactoryFemmes
Edited by me


Palais Hansen Kempinski


Chef de Cuisine Anton Pozeg 

*Werbung | in friendly cooperation with Stroh80


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