Friday, August 14, 2015

Vienna's Fashion Scene | Interview with Mark Baigent presented by Gillette Venus + GIVEAWAY

Vienna has a lot to offer, amazing architecture, long-lasting tradition, the way of living but also an interesting fashion scene. That’s why Gillette Venus made it its mission to support local designers and give them the chance to be part of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.15 in order to present their current collection on the runway.

In collaboration with Gillette Venus i had the pleasure to meet Mark Baigent, one of the chosen designers who’s not only known for creating avantgarde „gender free“ fashion which includes a lot of uni sex cuts, black fabrics, geometric cuts and minimalistic shapes but also for his dedication to ethical practices throughout the production process.

He’s currently sharing his workspace with other creative individuals at the Schneiderhof which is obviously the perfect place to develop new ideas and get inspired in a laid-back atmosphere which invites you to sit down in order to gain an amazing insight of their work.

Due to the fact that his collection is not focused on any specific bodytype and that he doesn’t care about genders only about the people i was also excited to browse through his creations in order to find my personal favorites – it’s all about finding the perfect piece which simply fits to your own preferences and personal style which is not only a statement you will hear in the fashion world but also relatable to the products of Gillette Venus which were also developed to the different needs for women for 30 years.

As both in fashion and in beauty routines every woman (and man) has her (his) individual preferences and needs, i decided to show you two of my favorite looks by Mark Baigent as well as my favorite Gillette Venus products today. You will find the looks and products on the pictures below, which have been shot at Schneiderhof. A few words on my favorite Venus products: For an extra portion moisture and to avoid dry skin, i use the Venus & Olaz razor with its lovely vanilla scent. When i feel more sensitive, i go for the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor and the dye- and fragrance-free Satin Care Pure & Delicate shave gel, which further helps to minimize the risk of skin irritation. For instant smoothness on-the-go i love the new Venus Embrace Snap with its cute mini handle.

To give you the opportunity to find your perfect match, either in Mark’s collection or in the Gillette Venus portfolio, i am hosting a giveaway today:  you have the chance to win a package full of Gillette Venus products but you also have the chance to win 1x2 tickets for the fashion show of Mark Baigent and Ylva presented by Gillette Venus on September 9th. Just tell me which one you think could be your favorite Gillette Venus razor and don’t forget to add your email-address! The winners will be announced on the 2nd of September! Good Luck!

* in friendly cooperation with Gillette Venus 


  1. Great pictures, great designs and great give-away!
    I think the Venus Embrace Snap would be just perfect for me and my needs.
    Have a nice week!

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos, amazing and beautiful, with this black dress, you are looking so elegant like a queen

  3. wow great post

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