Sunday, August 23, 2015

Urban Decay | Favorites

So over the last few weeks i’ve been experimenting with a few Urban Decay-Products that left me speechless right from the beginning. I had absolutely no expectations but after using them on a everyday basis i can officially say that i have some new favorites in my make-up collection.

As i already mentioned in my last Urban Decay-Post i’m all about the design – it’s also a huge selling point and i always appreciate an unique and beautiful packaging. So let’s start with the eyeshadows which by the way can be popped out of their cases and popped into Urban Decay palettes which makes life a little bit more easier when you are not that kind of person who wants to carry around single eyeshadow pots.


RIFF (bottom left corner) – a satin orange bwon matte finish with micro sparkle. Super pigmented and swatches smoothly that either really works for you or really doesn’t – there isn’t any in between here but for me it’s the perfect shade which i always use as a base.

ZODIAC (top right corner) - a black based silver glitter green eyeshadow. I often use this shade  as a eyeliner more as a pop-of-glitter and even though i have green eyes this multicolored glittery eyeshadow still looks good on me. The only downside ist that when you pick it up from the pan by itself it’s not quite as pigmented as when you apply this eyeshadow wet. 

X (top left corner) – a shimmering nude peach with golden undertones. Super smooth, buttery and it blends like a dream. I often apply it over RIFF to give the whole lid a little bit more dimension.

MIDNIGHT COWBOY (bottom right corner) – a light, pink champagne shade with glitter. The texture isn’t silky smooth like the other ones but it didn’t feel gritty either. This shade is perfect as a wash over the whole lid but i always end up applying this color right under the bone below my eyebrows.

KINKY REVOLUTION HIGH-COLOR LIPGLOSS - a muted, medium peach-brown with warm undertones and a creamy, glossy finish. It goes great with the bold eye make-up but it’s also the perfect color if you’re not that kind of person who’s able to pull of a bold lip.

KINKY – light peach with light shimmer. Perfect for summer! Especially for people with a very light complexion.

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