Monday, August 11, 2014

Love at first Sight: The Red Dress

A few months ago i a read an article that the average woman owns over 20 piece of unworn clothing and i guess most of us women only wear 60% or 70 % (or less) of our wardrobe throughout the year - or am i too dramatic in this case!? I know that i've worn every single piece of my closet i own but not every piece on rotation which should be the case of (almost) every piece. My plan is definitely to take full advantage of my wardrobe and simply avoid buying things i would only wear less than three times over the next few weeks or let's say months (we all know that it also depends on the season). 

You have to know that I'm the kind of person who loves to experiment with different styles and i would like to call myself an eclectic person when it comes to fashion. But every now and then it also happens that i'm simply not sure about a specific piece which is either already hanging in my closet or hanging on a clothing rack in a shop - and precisely this scenario happened last week when i found this red dress. I wasn't sure about it in the first place because in all honesty i consider myself a "pants-person" and i usually reach out for a little bit more masculine pieces when i'm browsing through the shops but sometimes my inner girly girl comes through and suddenly i pay attention to pieces which matches my style in no sense - in this case i'm talking about this red dress. At first i was really blown away by the shape & color but then i thought it was way to feminine for my taste and that i won't be able to wear this dress more than three times over the next few weeks but the fact that i was always looking for a dress with this kind of cut got me thinking - but not in a positive way. I ended up leaving the store and by the minute i got home i instantly regret the decision that i didn't pick up the dress - usually it's the other way round but over the last few years i found myself in such situations more than necessary. But you know the quote ‘Hope dies last" and i knew that my inner girl was right - the dress was meant to be mine. Oh, and speaking of love at first sight - i'm also superhappy about my new Fossil bag which is not only super roomy but also super versatile at the same time. And you know how often i change bags - not that often i would say. I feel i can already say that you'll probably get to see this bag a lot due to fact that i don't even have a problem with outfit combination or color combination because it simply works perfectly with every shade!

    ZARA: dress, shoes, hat / FOSSIL: bag / SWATCH: sunnies / CIRO: arm party (collection: CIROLITJOY, / VINTAGE: wach


  1. Tolles Outfit! Ich finde das Kleid steht dir super! :)
    LG, Andrea

  2. Einfach perfekt! Gefällt mir total gut.

    Liebste Grüße,
    Vanessa von Vaneshion

  3. The stunning red dress would certainly make one love it at the first glance.