Monday, August 4, 2014

Bold Lipstick

It’s been a while since i last posted a beauty related article and honestly it was actually my intention to get this series a little bit more active but somehow i totally forgot about it. 

So my last make up look was definitely the opposite compared to this one but this is exactly what i love about make up – it can instantly turn you into a completely different person within a few steps. However, I wanted to come up with a pretty simple look but dramatic at the same time and since i got inspired by so many pictures of different make up artists (for example Linda Hallbergs) which i follow on instagram i felt the urge to post one of my favorite look. In my case i'm talking about a really rich and bold lip color combined with a 'Nicole Richie hairdo" which she's rocking in the first episode of Candidly Nicole (yes she's back on TV and she's better than ever). So a bold lip color is  in my opinion such an easy way to add drama and elegance at same time and i guess this dark aubergine-colored one is doing its job pretty good! So you may want to know which other products i’ve used to create this look - so here we go!

First things first, foundation: my favorite one is defnitely the L’oréal Nude Magique Eau de Teint - why! Because it simply feels like nothing on your skin, blends beautifully, reduces redness and creates a natural finish plus you only need a tiny amount to get a light layer all over the face. By the way, it also rumblings of being a Giorgo Armani Maestro dupe but sorry i don’t have the proof since i’ve never tried out this foundation! First i was a little bit sceptical and thought that this formula might be be a little bit too liquidy for my personal taste but i’m glad that i gave it a try – and guess what -  i’ve repurchased this product ever since January! Another great drugstore product which became such a staple in my make up collection is definitely the Fit Me Concealer and of course every now and then i try to switch things but in the end i always end up buying this one.

When it comes to my eyebrows i usually start by using my Copines eyebrow pencil  to create my preferred  shape and then fill them in with my brow powder from Essence in order to achieve a look which works perfectly with my hair color. I have to say that over the years i've been trying to figure out which style suits me the most but every now and then i'm having those bad eyebrow days or i'm simply too motivated that i often end up looking like someone from the Sesame Street -  i guess you all know who i mean! To set everything in place i always use my favorite translucent eyebrow gel from Alverede but for this look i skipped the second step just because it would have been a little bit too strong in general. As you can see i applied minimal eye make up by only using one coat of mascara and really focused on the lips which is actually a mixture of two colors. The main color is the Nicka K Hydro Lipstick NY006 (a brand from New York that i've never heard of before) that i received a few months ago during a Glossybox event which already made me excited for fall. To get a little bit more depth i also applied a little bit of an old Isabelle Lancray Lipstick which is sadly no longer available but i still own a bunch of products of this brand due to the fact that my mom worked as a beautician. The next step is probably my favorite. As you guys probably know i'm such a bronzer and blush lover but over the last few months i also became a huge fan of (golden) highlighter. So to complete my look i applied a bronzing powder from Modelcocosmetics, Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick Compact Blush in the color Rose and the Giant Sun Powder from Gosh to get those glowy cheeks. So let me know what you think! 


  1. I love your make-up! Gorgeous.



  2. Steht dir so unglaublich gut!!! sehr sehr schöner Beautylook!!

    1. Vielen lieben Dank :) Ist echt einer meiner liebsten Looks!!

  3. The bold lipstick make the girl look so trendy.