Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Remember... #Childhood

If there is one place in the world that reminds me of my childhood i would immediately response by saying – Lignano! I don’t know if it’s a austrian/german thing but back in the day i had the best time on the Adriatic coast. Since August tends to be the hottest month of the year Mid-September seems to be the perfect choice when your looking for quite hours at the beach, less crowded spots and pleasent temperatures. Once again, i got invited by my parents to spend some quality time and enjoy a vacation where i can truly recharge my batteries. Compared to the road trip i did over a month ago i finally found real relaxation for a whole week. Since we always bring our own bikes in order to explore something new and the fact that i had to try out my new biker shorts we ended up finding this amazing empty beach where i finally got the chance to shot my look and also captured a few moving pictures which I finally edited ealier today. I have to say i really missed creating such short films for myself. Even though i absolutley enjoy filming for other people i truly love producing something for my own blog and social media channels. Let’s see if the muse is speaking to me again in the near future. 


ZARA: Top, Blouse
AMAZON: Biker Shorts
MANGO: Sneakers
Goodies from Lignano: Fanny Back, Jewellery, Shades 

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