Thursday, August 3, 2017

Unforgettable Summer with MEXX

Having an unforgettable summer is probably one of those things a lot of people love to experience every year. Of course there are so many options which gives you the chance to create lasting memories – even from your own backyard. Thinking back in time i honsetly can say that my most memorable summers were when i was a little child, for the simple reason that i truly enjoyed each day in the most basic sense. Of course, i’m also a big fan of traveling and discovering new places, but nothing is more beautiful than having little adventures or day trips in your own city/country. Besides doing unforgettable things in order to experience an unforgettable summer one of the best way to refresh those kinds of moments is pretty easy. I guess a lot of you know that feeling that whenever you are smelling a specific scent/fragrance it brings you back to a certain point of your life in the past. It’s true, scent is the sense that contributes best memory recollection. With that being said i want you to introduce you to three new fragrances by Mexx.

Just in time for the hot season Mexx created a new scent called Cocktail Summer that provides good vibes, sun and holiday feeling. Obsiously perfect the next picnic in the parc or party under open sky. The scent itself is definitely on the fruity side but still fresh without being heavy or too sweet.

If you are more into woody notes that opens with bergamont and lemon than i can highly recommend the classic one called woman. The burst of citrus is disturbed by a touch of currant while jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose bloom are in its floral heart. Definitely more on the natural side but still very unique and simply the perfect everday fragrance.

Last but not least, City Breeze by Mexx. This feminine perfume, which was launched in 2017, has the top notes sweets orange, pear and lychee. Combined with the base notes musk, sandalwood and amber and the heart notes of night-blooming cereus, Peony and Jasmine you get the ultimate urban feeling which works perfectly those hot summer days and nights in the city. 

So since each fragrance represents something different i was lucky enough to shoot every scent at a different place in Carinthia. To be precise  the first tow looks were shot at the Beach Club of the Schloss Hotel Falkensteiner where you not only get the chance chill, enjoy the sun and simply jump into the water to refresh yourself but also have lunch or dinner with a wonderful view right at the lake Wörthersee. The last look was shot at the well know Lake Side where you should definitely go for lunch if you ever happen to be in Carinthia. So in order to relieve this moments again i will always have three scents ins my mind that will always remind me of of these wonderful days we had. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pictureknox
VIDEOGRAPHY: The Lionheaded

* Werbung | in friendly cooperation with COTY
* Location (Look 1-2):Beach Club of the Schloss Hotel Falkensteiner
* Location (Look 3) : Lake Side Strandbar

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