Thursday, March 2, 2017

Vienna Opera Ball with Swarovski | Le Beau Danube Bleu

When I moved to Vienna 6 years ago i knew that one of the things that i absolutely wanted to cross off my bucketlist was definitely ‚a night at the Opera'. It’s such an unique expereince where you're not only surrounded by old traditions but you also get the chance to dress up in a really spectacular way. So when Swarovski,  ask me if i wanted to join them at the Opera Ball i immediately said yes. Luckily i still had one unworn dress in my closet that was truly pefect for such an event, so i didn't reallly felt stressed out like i guess many other women do. It's simply the question number one – what to wear – but fortunately i only had to figure out what hairstlye i should go for. So when the day finally arrived i was full of excitement.

Along with Kathi from Ketchembunnies, who was my partner in crime fort hat night, and lovely Nina from YouRockMyLife we decided to shoot our looks, which by the way featured also a few pieces of the Swarovski Atelier Collection, at the Albertina.  At this point i would love to thank Nina’s better half Patrick from BecauseofLight for all the lovely pictures he captured before we kicked of the night. After hour little shooting we headed the Hotel Sacher where we were also invited to a super lovely dinner! I have to say that it was truly magical when we first stepped into the dining room. Three hours later the long wait for the main part of the evening was finally over! Right before we got served our last course we couldn’t wait any longer and made ourselves on the way to the red carpet of the Opera. 

Right after we entered the phenomal building we enjoyed a wonderful opening where we also spotted all the debutants wearing the shining tiara which was designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Since Swarovski this year. The hours past by and so we tried to get the best out of this night. We checked out the Crystal Bar, spend a few minutes at the Swarovski box (Loge) and also made it to the dancefloor where Patrick took the time to dance with each of us girls. We had such a blast that i’m still super happy about this special night which is somehow a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So big thanks to Swarovski for this amazing opportunity.


SWAROVSKI: Jewellery

PHOTOGRAPHY: Patrick Langwallner (Becauseof Light) at the Opera


  1. Soooooooooo schön <3

  2. Und der Himmel über der Oper war wirklich so dunkelblau wie die Steine auf den Krönchen ^^ Faszinierend. Wunderschöne Fotos! <3