Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Last Minute Carnival Look

It’s carnival season in Europe and if you’re thinking about participating and planing to dress up, i thought i’d share two looks that you can achieve in less then 15 minutes. Of course not everyone wants to spend hours and a lot of money on a look that you only rock for one night. That’s why i found two looks, that are not only completely different compared to each other, but also super budget friendly.

The first look is all about stars & glitter. Especially when you always wanted to try out new make up trends carnival is probably the time to test-drive colored looks. In my case i kept it pretty simple and only added glitter under my eyes with the help of a few drops of sticky lipgloss. The second step is all about your personal preference – just apply skin clue on your tiny little stars and place them wear you want them to have. E voià – a new star child is born.


The second look is a little bit trickier. The only thing you need is either a precise eyelier pencil or a liquid eyerliner with a super tiny brush. Start with a nice base and maybe add a little bit of contour but in order to achieve a contrasty look it’s super important to draw on an evenly surface. I have to say that in the beginning i felt a little bit overwhelmed when i tried to create this black line under my eyes but i placed a few dots from left to right which helped me to stay in place. The rest of this make up look was pretty easy – as you can see i went for 5 triangles under my eyes, added a few dots and colored my lips in a star wars inspired way.

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