Monday, July 4, 2016

"NOW" | Bread & Butter by Zalando

Have you ever experienced a FOMO (fear of missing out)! Usually i’m someone who’s pretty chilled when it comes down to it but last week was one of those moments where i have wished i could be at two places at the same time! Because exactly one week ago i was acutally invited to the Launch Event of the new „Bread & Butter“ concept which will be hosted by Zalando for the very first time in September! Unfortunately i already confirmed another trip for that day and so i only had the chance to see a few glimpes of the event via their Snapchat.

But let me tell you - this is just the beginning and I’m happy to tell you more about it! You may ask yourself what’s so different since the Bread and Butter already existes since 2003 which is acutally  known as the B2B fashion fair during Berlin Fashion Week! But we all know the fashion industry is constantly evolving and changes are on the menu every season! And that’s why Zalando decided to aquire the trade fair last year in order to make it accessible to ALL! Which means that from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2016 everyone will be invited to participate at the Bread & Butter – online and offline!  It will not only be focused on fashion where you will find the latest fashion innovations and a lot of brands displaying their latest pieces (which you can also  shop right away), the new concepts also includes concerts with upcoming new artists (big bonus in my opinion) and a conference like the panel discussion which took place during the preview party based around the motto "NOW" last monday! Tank Magazine CEO Caroline Issa was hosting the panel who explained the whole concept followed by an on-stage discussion between speakers such as Dirk Schoenberger (Creative Director Adidas), Jeremy Abbett (Creative Evangelist Google), Matt Chlebek (Music Curator Boiler Room) and Marina Hoermanseder (Fashion Designer) about the the developments of trends, authenticity and social media influencers!

Personally i think it’s a great way to give everyone the chance to be part of this event (sounds more like an amazing fashion festival) in order to  interact with  each other and to get the opportunity to talk to the brands and experience the latest products by themselves. So as i already mentioned i wasn’t able to join the event but i’m happy to keep you guys updated about this brand new format in the next few months since a lot of cool things will happen during the B&B in September! 


2nd to 4th of September

 Arena Berlin, Germany

Adidas, Converse, Hugo, Topman, Eastpak, Lee, Nike, Reebok, Vans, Marni X Zalando, Marina Hoermanseder X Hello Kitty etc.  
(shopable event)

Upcoming Artists | Live Gigs by Boiler Room

 available from 13 th July on breadandbutter.com
and for more updates feel free to follow B&B on Facebook

B&B Preview Event Noel Richter 
B&B Arena Berlin Markus Nass
Renderings by Kemmler Kemmler
Portrait by Eye Candy Berlin 

*Werbung|  in friendly collaboration with Zalando

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