Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Fitness Story

Fitness – a category which never made it up to the Blog – kind of strange since i’ve always been pretty athlectic and always enjoyed exercise. Already with the age of 3 i was passionate about being active and tried out a bunch of sports when i was young – like figure skating, ballet, dancing, badminton, vollesball – just to name a few for which i was pretty ambitous about. At this point i honestly have to say that I will always be thankful to my parents for brining me up in this way because years later when i was a teenager i absolutley loved gym running and pretty much anything to do with being sporty -  i even ended up as a dancer which was probably my favorite sport if i heave to name my number one. So as you can imagine fitness has always been a big part of my life. Of course things have changed, and instead of spending and hour of training on the filed and doing an actual sport like volleyball or  basketball (which btw iterribly miss) in order to stay fit, i ended up at the gym where i work out consistently throughout the year. My approach to how i exercise is a combination of cardio, strengthening and toning my muscles. Personally i’m a big fan of lifting weights which is in my opinion one of the biggest ways to transform your body and with a specific program (Pyramid Sets Training) i managed to define my muscles and be strong enough to carry my overweight luggage every time i travel! My neighbours are always impressed! But as you guys probably know it’s super important to switch things up before you get bored and your workout  is no longer challenging.

So this year i decided to revamp my workout routine which is in my opinion the key to get the results you are looking for! It’s all about shocking your body and switch things up in order to reach your body goals but also have more fun too! And let me tell you – there are so many options and workouts that will get you motivated to work a little bit harder – because we all know that sometimes it can be so tough to keep up! So my personal routine is shockingly basic but every once in a while i add a HIIT Training to it!  

Usually i go to the gym 3 times a week where i always start with a 40 min cardio session before my weight train which is a combination of free weights and machines but only for my arms since HIIT training are working my legs more than suffieciently which means i can skip them entirely plus is so much more fun instead of spending to much time at the gym and have the option to sweat your ass of at home.

So back then when when i started lifting weights my program included the exercise i listed down below. It entails starting out light and stepping up the weight you use on successive sets. As you keep adding weight, the number of reps you can do goes down! 

Exercises for Arms:

- Dumbell Bench Press
- One arm rowing
- French Press
- Dips
- Concentration Curl
- Dumbell Press
- Lateral side raise

For example: 1 Set, Weight 6 kg, 12 reps, 2 Set, Weight 7 kg, 8-10 reps, 3 Set 8 kg, 6 reps and then going back to the weight from the first set and try 12 reps again.

Even though i’m not a big fan of Yoga i absolute love doing Handstand – why here are the reasons:

- they’ll make your upper body super strong

- increase your balance

- boost your mood

- build core strength

- help with bone health, circulation and breathing

- relieve stress

So since i was also talking about HIIT training i thought i can also share my 3 favorite workouts i found on Youtube that did in the last few weeks!




So as you can see I absolutly love my workouts – the recharge me mentally and physically and i hope you guys do yourself a favor and try to add something new to your routine.


CALZEDONIA: Workout Pants (new)
ADIDAS: Top (old)
NIKE: Shoes 
NO NAME: Jacket 


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