Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Care Straightener + Dryer HD 780

When it comes to hairstyling i’m someone who’s fully enjoying the moment when it's about time to create either a new look for a shooting, a special occasion or simply for everyday life - and no it simply can’t be only one product to achieve the looks i have in my mind or want to recreate whenever i feel inspired. 

One of the most popular tool when it comes to hair  is definitely the flat iron and with the level of hair technology moving faster than ever before, it’s not surprising that it can be quit frustrating when seeking out the best hair straightener on the market that has everything you need for amazing hair – or let’s say for your hair structure but also for your safety! I guess a lot of us simply don’t know that the average life span of a styling tool like a hair straightener last between 500 to 1000 hours! So yes, there is a time to say goodbye and invest in a new one that won’t damage your hair. So when you do heat styling is obviously all about the temperature -  but the challenge is ‚what’s the right temperature’!? First, it needs to be high enough to give you the perfect style as quickly as possible but also as low as needed to avoid any kind of hair damage! The fact that it depends on so many factors leads me to the Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso  Care Straightener which truly impressed with its range of options and seems to act like a little computer that is intelligent enough to take care of your special needs. Personally i joined the Braun Club more than 10 years ago and never thought about changing because i was always satisfied with the outcome and the technology behind it. So long story short – what’s so great about the Senso Care Flat Iron?! (scroll down)

-       you can set up to 3 profiles and program the straightener in order to use the correct setting for you hair type. Entering your profile is pretty easy and consisted of entering details of your hair, length, thickness, colored etc.
-        the plates glide effortlessly over the hair for a smoothly and shiny finish
-      it always tells you if you’re using the hair straightener in the right way which means that there are two smiley faces on the digital screen which will tell you if you’re either straightening your hair too fast L or to slow :I or just right J
-       the second smiley stands for the moisture level of your hair
-   you can lock the buttons so you don’t change the settings or turn off accidently during styling (been there done that)
-       the styler is lightweight and comfortable to use
-       the style will last the whole day

So all in all the Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Care Straightener is a brilliant product that i would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a professional, salon worthy hair straightener!


A great tip which is something that i’ve been doing every now then is to simply straightening your ends after curling your hair for an edgy look – it’s such a difference that i promise that you will get compliments after adding this new method your hairstyling repertoire because it will add a more behomenian-i-didn’t-try-look instead of looking to glammed up!

And here are some extra tips in order to let you know what’s actually really important to take proper care of your flat iron to make sure it lasts several years:

-      never pull on the cord in doing so – always carefully insert or remove the plug from your outlet and wrap the electrical cords loosley otherwise you would put strain on them (ok – guilty)
-       if you’re using heat protectant products and oils (my favorite at the moment is the one you see on the pictures- Wella SP Luxe Oil), which are great for saving your strands, you should always clean the plates at least once a week

-       If your flat iron does not have the ability to stand flat with the plates parallel to the table it’s on, you have no other choice but to lay it on its side so the plates are against the surface. This is what sparks a fire after a certain amount of time.

Another hairstyling tool i can’t live without is definitely a dryer which i use on a regular basis! Though blow dryers make you hair look great, all that exposure to heat is quite damaing to your hair – and that is when the Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Dryer featuring a built-in Thermo Sensor comes into play which is in my opinon the right choice for anyone who’s looking for a professional option when it comes to blowdrying your hair! It’s not only so much quicker, it’s also a tool that measures temperature 600 times per minute and adjusts it to the optimal level in order to give you healthy-looking hair. Braun’s most premium dryer has a unique combination of intelligent sensor technology with a professional performance. There are two models out there – HD 785 with IONTEC (infuses your hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz) and the HD 780 which i have that has features i always dreamed for – so here we go:

Here are the facts

-       Thermo Sensor – feels air and adapts temperature for maximum heat control
-       for 5 x longer drying power vs. a conventional dryer
-       professional fan system with fact concentrated airflow
-       built in air cooling system
-       2 fixed real cold shotes that makes air colder than conventional dryer
-       comes with a professional styling set
-       removable filter
-       advanced heat control

Side note – this has nothing to do with hairstyling but i thought this may be interesting for one or the other (more uses for your hairdryer):

-       remove candle wax, band-aids or crayon marks from the walls
-       defrosting the freezer
-       drying your toothbrush when traveling
-    warming up your eyeliner pencil and to heating up your eyelash curler to create a longer lasting curl

* Werbung 

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