Thursday, January 21, 2016

#AudiExperience | Impressions

Who doesn’t want to wander the world, looking for new adventures round every corner and making new freinds along the way? Well i’m definitely one of those people and as i already mentioned in this post before that you don’t even have to leave your own country when you’re looking for something new and inspiring that can truly blow your mind, i think it’s safe to say that you can have a wonderful time everywhere as long as you sourround yourself with lovable and funny people that can make a trip even more special.

Today i’m thrilled to finally post my recent trip to St. Anton where i was actually invited to see the Ski World Cup but also to get my personal #AudiExperience and enjoy a wonderful weekend in the middle of the mountains. Unfortunatly the Cup got cancelled but i can honselty say that this weekend was still one of a kind.

It all started on thursday morning when our lovely driver Matej picked us up in a Audi Combo and drove us all the way down to St. Anton which takes about 6 and a half hour to get there. Once we arrived at our hotel (definitely check out Julia's Impressions of the Mooserwirt Hotel) which is by the way located in the mountains we were actually pretty impressed with the entrance to the underground garage which was nothing other than a huge elevator for one single car!

So after a super warm welcome by the lovely people from Audi we were invited to a dinner at the restaurant of the hotel called OBEN which offers you an amazing view over the whole village of St. Anton. Since we were pretty tired from hour long car ride it was about time for bed before the real adventure started.

Waking up with an incredible view was definitely the first highlight i’d like to point out before i continue telling you what we’ve experienced in the next few days – because each day was packed with amazing activities.

However we decided to take it slow and started our day with a breakfast in bed since our schedule allowed us to have a day full of relaxation – but there was one specific thing i was absolutely curious about – the Mooserwirt which is not only a Aprè-Ski Bar but in fact attached to the Hotel and funnily it was just a floor above our room – never experienced something like this! 

So after a Spritzer we got ready for the evening. Again we were picked up by another lovely driver called Laura Kraihamer who’s a racing driver in the KTM X-BOW Battle. Once we arrived at the restaurant were were warmly welcomed and kicked off the evening with an amazing pianco concert by the talented Shaun Coo. After listening to pieces by Chopin it was about time for the first dinner with the whole crew.

On Saturday something really special was waiting for us. A horse & carriage ride in the mountains which were completely covered with snow and truly felt like we were in the middle of winter wonderland! While we were sipping on some Hazelnut Schnapps i couldn’t believe my eyes – the scenery was out of this world!

In the evening we then headed to the Hospiz Alm which is St. Anton’s best mountain restaurant with its famous big bottle wine cellar where also started with a red wine tasting session followed by a wonderful dinner with all the guests Audi invited over the weekend. After chatting, drinking, getting drawn by two lovely swift-cartoonist and eating a delicous fondue with musical accompaniment by the Mountain Monkeys we ended the night with a few drinks and headed straight back to the hotel in order to have one last drink at the bar of the Hotel before we mentally prepared ourselves for the next day.

So on the very last day (Sunday) it was finally the day to complete our #AudiExperience! We got the chance to try out the very last models in the Audi range in order to get to know their latest features but also explore St. Anton’s beautiful landscape. We ended up with the Q7 which offers the perfect when it comes to mixing style and utility because no other SUV offers a greater level of assurance and comfort.

But as you guys know, all good things come to an end and i can honestly say big thumbs up for our stay in St. Anton and a big thank you to Audi for making this possible!

Pictures by me & PictureKnox

* Werbung | in friendly cooperation with Audi