Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bordeaux with Lillet | Impressions

One of my favorite trip this year was definitely the one with Lillet to Bordeaux which is not only the heart of french wine and obviously the perfect destination for wine-lovers, it's also inscribed to the UNESCO World Hertiage List for a 1810 hectare area that spreads over half of the city. 

Since i only posted my outfits i was wearing during this trip, i thought i might also add some impressions of this lovely adventure but furthermore i also managed to capture all those beautfil moments on film which was not always that easy since our schedule was packed with so many activites and insights that i was trying to find the right balance between to actually enjoy the moment but also taking pictures and filming at the same time. You know what i mean!
SIGHTSEEING - our first day started with a super lovely Deux Chevaux tour through the city where we had the chance to see the whole center  in a short amount of time.  Martine, a former English and History professor, who was the guide showed us so many of the historical sights and really captured our attention with her knowledge about Bordeaux. 

LILLET-HEADQUARTER - the main reason for this trip was the visit of the Lillet-Headquarter in Podensac (small village south of Bordeaux) where we not only learned more about the story about Lillet, which was founded in 1872 by two wine merchant brothers Paul and Raymond, we were also introduced in the art of winemaking. After having a few sips of the french aperitif we were treated with a little surprise.  Pierre Lillet, who’s the last living link to the original family, showed up and obvisouly made our trip even more special and personal.

BOAT TRIP - another highlight of this 3-day trip was defintely our little boat trip where we had seefood for lunch and enjoyed the fresh breeze of the ocean.

AT NIGHT - back in Bordeaux we had dinner at the Cafè Bellini which was only 10 steps aways from our hotel and later on had drinks at one of the coolest bar i’ve ever been to. L’Alchimiste, which is owned by two parisian barkeepers  Clement Sargeni and roman Bruxer, offers a bunch of amazing cocktails  in a super cool atmosphere where you get inspired from all those amazing pieces of their interior.

 big thanks to Lillet for this amazing experience

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  1. Salut meine Liebe!

    Bordeaux ist wundervoll, sieht so aus, als hättest du es voll ausgekostet=)
    Und was soll man sagen, passend dazu das französisch-obligatorische Streifenshirt!

    Mona //
    Fleur&Fatale Fashion and Interior