Tuesday, May 5, 2015

PRTTY Temporary Jewelry Tattoos | Tutorial & Lookbook

Beyonce excited to finally share this awesome collaboration we've been working on recently! I've already posted a few pictures on Instagram & Facebook to give you guys a few glimpes of our new project. We've teamed up with PRTTY which is a Vienna based brand who launched the metallic tattoo trend back in March - and one thing is for sure you'll get sucked in this hype quicker than you think. This decorativ gold and silver body jewelry in form of delicate chain bracelts, necklaces and especially these super cute symbols simply take any look to the next level and i swear you'll get so many compliments as well. In my opinion they not only scream hippie, beach and vacation - no, i actually think that they are pretty versaitle when it comes to mixing them with your daily look and you're truly able to rock these wonderul tattoos for any occassion. Personally I would suggest - pick the tattoo that works best with your personal style of jewelry and try to mix and match with your real life pieces in order to create your own individual and signature look!

To make things easier we decided to shoot a short Tutorial & a also Lookbook to give you guys a better impression of the application and also how you can style them in different ways! OH, and if you're in Vienna on the 9th of May definitely check out the PRTTY Pop-up Sale at the Tel Aviv Beach where you can get some of their limited but also all other collections for a very pretty price! 

So back to the outfits -  each one represents a different theme:  Boho-Chic, 70ies, Parisian-Chic, Summer-Business Look! I have to say that this is the first time where i'm finally able to rock my beloved vintage pants. I got them last year at my favorite vintage Store Alexas and ever since i got them i've been waiting to wear them for a special occassion! I guess the waiting has paid off! 

Of course this project would not have been possilbe without a few people behind the camera! Of course we have to thank our main man Patrick Domingo (definitely check out it instagram) who not only became a very good friend but also a huge help whenever we're trying to realize something bigger - and also big thanks to Max who helped us that day as well! 

We were also lucky to the permission to shoot our Tutorial at the Alpendorf Prater Wien which is the perfect place to enjoy the traditional alpine flair with its culinary diversity! At that day we found a super cute spot and spreaded out the whole PRTTY collection which you can see at the end of the video!

For this concrete project we were also blessed to shoot with the Sony A7S which is the third model in Sony's full-frame mirrorless lineup - superlight which means operational for ANY situation! And isn't the qualitiy of the Video amazing!

So now it's your turn - what's your opinion on those mettalic tattoos & which Outfit is your favorite!

PRTTY.me: Metallic Tattoos
H&M: Top

filmed & shot with the Sony A7S

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