Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy End

 Before i lived by myself i remember that I used to steal all pair of socks from my dad. He wasn’t really happy about it but i kept doing it until i moved out. Socks have never been an essential part of my wardrobe until i’ve worn them in a different way - in other words as a new statement piece. In the past few months almost every fashion related accessory, either if it has been a super hyped necklace or bag almost everything was named as a statement piece – i like to call it an "accessory upgrade"! 

But now it’s time for some flashy socks – and yes i’m aware of it that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – but i think it’s a nice break. In the last couple of weeks i’ve already took advantage of the cold weather and decided to wear some non spectacular pair of socks over my skinny jeans but now i’m ready for some color.  HappySocks has been so kind to let me pick out some pieces of their collection. They offer such a wide range of original designs from dots to stripes, solids to blocks with the highest quality. 
And here comes the exiting news. I've also teamed up with the lovely people of Happy Socks to give away some of their amazing socks - so stay tuned for tomorrow's post + giveaway!!! 

ZARA: pants / blouse / jacket
PRIMARK: sweater / earrings / gloves 
DEICHMANN: boots  
H&M: cap / bag 
HAPPY SOCKS: big dot socks 


  1. These socks look like they were made for 5-year-olds.
    And also it looks like you didn't have any normal (e.g. black) socks left and you're not aware that they are showing.
    People WILL make fun of you when they see you walking down the street, because this looks really ridiculous..

    1. First of all - it's not necessary being rude! You don't have to like this look and i've mentioned it before: "it's not everyone's cup of tea" but posting such comment on a blog is ridiculous! It's your decision, that's fine but if you have a bad day tell someone else!

  2. Ich liebe deine Socken! Nette Jacke!
    xoxo Karin

  3. I love the jacket, i'm still really craving something with leather sleeves!

    Luxx Mint

  4. So much to love about this outfit. Really cute vest and boots.

  5. man muss es einfach sagen, du kannst mischen was du möchtest, anziehen was auch immer gerade bereit steht und du siehst immer wieder top aus!
    große inspiration! und wie gesagt ich liebe einfach deinen schrillen mix und weil du bist wie du bist!

    küsschen klaudia


  6. Wow dein Outfit sieht echt super super aus!! Und du bist sooo huebsch!!! Deine Fotos sind sehr "fashion-like"! Gefallen mir!! Werde dir sicherlich verfolgen! Sag mir bitte wo man in Wien schoene Fotos nehmen kann, denn ich bin neu in der Stadt und muss unbedingt auf dem Blog posten!!!

    Vielen Dank und Kuesse,


  7. Das Outfit ist zwar überhaupt nicht meins, sieht mir so zusammengewürfelt aus, aber der Pulli ist richtig toll <3

    Liebe Grüße,

  8. Supergeiles Outfit!