Monday, December 26, 2011

The day before christmas...

After a funny Christmas staff partyon thursday at the baruania and a really stressfull last minute Christmas shopping on Friday (7 hours in a row) I’ve  packed all my stuff at midnight and took the new “westbahn”  train at 10 am in the morning to get home to my family. 
(workmates - pro pro team @ urania)
 (this is the outfit i was wearing at the christmas party)
bag & coat - zara
 jewellery - h&m
One thing I noticed right away was that I don’t have to carry  my heavy suitcase all the way up over 3 steps..like I usually did! This is such a big advantage for all overpackers…and yes I’m 100 % such a person!!
When I first walked into the ground level train i really thought I was at the business class - but  i was at the right department. The leather seats are really nice and comfy – perfect for a power-nap!
Tickets can be bought online but you can also buy your ticket from the on-board train service personnel – like I did. From Vienna to Salzburg you will pay € 23,80.
The trains have WESTstewards in every department and they are so polite & friendly +WESTlan service allows passengers to use free wireless internet on board. At the moment I think I prefer to travel with this train...
 (new trainstation of salzburg)
(my christmas tree at home in vienna)

...in the next post you'll get to see how i spent my christmas eve !!!

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