Thursday, July 22, 2010

8 Questions

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I got tagged by Luisa from http://fashionshows.blogspot.com and these are her 8 Questions for me:

First of all I’m an austrian fashion blog started January 2010.

1) Paying by card or paying with cash?

It depends. When I go shopping I pay most of my purchases by card but
Sometimes I definitely prefer paying with cash. It’s true, you spend more money if you use credit cards ;).

2) Do you prefer less expensive clothing labels or cheap no-name clothes?

The mix is the key. Style is not based on expensive labels. Personally I think you can create really cool outfits with a low budget.
You don’t have to buy all the expensive stuff if you want to look good. I definitely prefer unique clothing. Vintage pieces, flea market stuff, no-name clothing …but there are definitely expensive items I would love to have!!!!

3) Do you get financially supported by your parents? Sometimes I get supported but I also pay my purchases with my own money.

4) America or England?

The UK and the US are totally different countries. It’s very difficult to compare. It’s not a matter of “better”. Every country has its own culture, clichés, lifestyle, places, infrastructure, people…..etc.
If we only speak about the country i can definitely say that the city of London is amazing but also the countryside is really beautiful. The views are incredible.
America is a lovely country as well with many beautiful and interesting places. Who is not amazed by New York?

5) Elle or Vogue?

If I have to choose between Elle or Vogue….difficult!!!
We all know that “Vogue” is the Fashion Bible and that Elle adds not only fashion related topics, but I do not feel like Vogue or Elle caters to my needs. These magazines are more dedicated to high-fashion. I really love to look at those amazing high-fashion features but I can only dream about having all that stuff in my closet.
So it definitely depends on my needs but I love leafing through magazines.
When it comes to print media I often buy the “In style” magazine because I really like the layout, the stories, the features… my daily newspaper in the internet is definitely ‘bloglovin’. Fashion on real people.

6) What do you like most about blogging?

First of all: It’s fun and I can share all my new looks with people around the fashion blogger world and it’s cool to find new places when It comes to taking new pictures.
Besides that you get to know new people and built up a community!

7) Do you like TV-series or shows?

At the moment I am obsessed with “How I met your mother”. Cutest story I have every watched on TV but I also love “the City” and all the typical TV shows for girls.

8) What is your dream job?

I would love to turn my hobby into a profession…
It seems that a lot of fashion bloggers have the same dream (working in the fashion industry) but first of all you really have to get your foot in the door …
But I believe in myself and hopefully reach my goal!

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Magazines (Vogue 1956, 1988 --> my year of birth ;), 2010, Elle 2010)

btw. i finally made it on lookbook.nu


  1. sehr coole Antworten hätten viele auch von mir kommen können ;) Sehe das mit Elle und Vogue sehr ähnlich! Welches Magazin ich auch total super finde und für mich entdeckt hab ist die Grazia find die von den Stories und vom Layout schön zum durchlesen :)

    Und wir schaffen das schon im Fashiob-Buizz ;)


  2. awesome!
    i love these answers!

  3. love your blog and all the photos you have taken! <3

  4. super cute! i love red :)