Thursday, July 2, 2015

Artdeco | That's me + GIVEAWAY

A few weeks ago i was contacted by the lovely people from the german beauty and makeup brand Artdeco (which i've been loving for many years - even before i started this blog) and got asked if i want to be part of their campaign "That's me!" where i got the chance to post a look on instagram where i simply enhance my favorite facial feature with products from their current collection. Considering the past and how things can change over the years i have to say that nowadays i see a few things from a different perspective. For example - back in the days (and i guess i'm not the only one) i had absolutely no understanding of how important eyebrwos were for framing the eyes and giving a balanced look to my face. Fortunatley i never overplucked them but since i'm a natural blonde i never came up with the idea to dye my eyebrows or to fill them in - everything that mattered was a nude lip and great lashes. Which leads me to the next thing to point out - the nude lip! Oh boy, i was a fan right from the beginning and couldn't imagine leaving the house with my natural lip color but at that time everyone was rocking this trend and so did i. So glad that i'm over it and i guess 2010 was probably the last time where i pulled off this look. Right after this phase i became obsessed with orange, red and also purple lips but over the last few months i'v found my favorite look of all time. I know this is nothing new and this lip color may be the ultimate trend of 2014 & 2015 but i think this color shade (talking about brown, copper & earthy tones ) enhances one of my favorite facial feature - my lips. Now let's talk about the the look which i've been wearing on a daily basis. 

So here are the steps:

Moisturizer: Always apply moisturizer before priming as it makes you primer application even and it helps last the Make-Up a little bit better. 

Primer: I started with the Artdeco Skin Perfection Make-Up Base. You only need one pump becauses when it comes to primer a little goes a long way. Right after that you have to wait a little bit before you start to apply the Make-Up. 

Concealer: Then i used the PerfectionTeint Concealer only where i needed it, like on undereye circles and blemishes. I’ve heard that choosing a few shades lighter is actually a myth and so i went for a shade that pretty much matched my skin tone. 

Foundation: For the Look i used the Artdeco Mineral Fluid Foundation which helps soak up the oil and it also tends to feel lighter on the skin. In the last couple of months i was more into BB-Creams or really light Foundations but i have to say that sometimes a really good coverage changes you look instantly also when you use a thin layer.

EYEBROWS: As i mentioned it before how important brows are i can finally say that i’m steadfast in my current brow technique (though i sometimes switch up the products). I always use a brow pencil like this one from Artdeco and start to fill them in. I’m not the kind of girl who’s drawing a defined line underneath but i always start on the outer 3/4. In order to blend any harsh lines i always use the spoolie end of the pencil to pull the color up and to smooth everything out.

SHADOWS: Ever since i can remember i was always a big fan of eyeshadows. When i was in my teens i was a little bit more eager to try out vibrant colors and add glitter here and there but for a daily look i always choose earthy tones like this one. At the moment i’m all about the 90's Look and so i always tend to cover the whole lid and also a little bit of the inner part – it’s quite a bit bolder but who knows how long i’m rocking this way of applying eyeshadows.  

BLACK LINER: One of my main and beloved essentials in my Make-Up Routine is defintiely a black liner. My favorite way to use it is for tighlining. It’s simply perfect to create the illusion of fuller, darker lashes which truly adds definition to the eyes. The best eyeliner i’ve used for this tequnique are pencils with a super buttery formula like this one from Artdeco.

MASCARA: A good mascara is of course a no brainer – but having an allrounder like the „All in One“ which contains Carnauba Wax to soften and condition lashes and maintains their flexibilty is a whole different story – what i love about this one, is definitely its super smooth cream consistency that clings onto my lashes quickly and makes them feel and look soft. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and it also doesn’t weigh my lashes down – quite the opposite i would say!

Countour & Blush: You guys know how much i love countouring. And what’s better than having a three-colored blusherfor a sun-kissed complexion I mixed the colors together and applied them to the cheeks.

LIPS (Lip Liner): Now we’re finally at my favorite part – the lips. We all know that the grunge-chic trend is still out there but that doesn’t mean everyone has to jump on the bandwagon – it’s all up to you. In my case i’ve been always a big fan of those brown lips which was a super hot trend back in the 90's but i never had the guts to pull this look off. Although it’s seems to be a nighttime look i wear this eye-and lip color almost everday. I tried out different products but my favorite combo at the moment is definitely this one. First i always line my lips (sometimes also outside of my natural lip lines) and i always create a soft, lowercase „m“ instead of a more traditional pointy „M“. 

LIPSTICK: Next, i color in the rest of my lips with the same pencil. To give my lips a better coverage i apply the Art Couture Velvet Lipstick.

SHINE: This step is optional but sometimes i love to add a little shine right in the center of my lips! 

So this is my personal „That’s me“-Look! Now it’s YOUR TURN – just let me know what is your interpreation of #thatsme and simply share your favorite feature on instagram! Just use the hashtag #thatsme #my beautymyway #fashiontweedxartdeco and tag @artdeco_cosmetics til the 12th of July 2015 in order to participate my giveaway of 10 artdeco beauty sets! 

* in friendly cooperation with Artdeco


  1. Grundsätzlich finde ich das Make-up super schön, aber für die aktuelle JAhreszeit wäre es mir etwas zu dunkel ;)
    Früher habe ich echt viele Artdeco Produkte verwendet, mittlerweile habe ich gar nichts mehr von Artdeco... Die sind irgendwie von meiner Bildfläche verschwunden.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Das Makeup find ich superfesch! Ich würd sehr gern die Farbnummern wissen, denn auch wenn ich ein sehr heller Typ bin, hätte ich vor allem genau diese Lippenfarbe total gern!

    1. Alles im Text verlinkt - du kommst direkt zu dem Lippenstift der auf dem Bild abgebildet ist :)

      Ganz liebe Grüße,