Friday, September 26, 2014

Urban Decay - NAKED 3

I guess a lot you guys already jumped on the Urban Decay bandwagon, expect for myself.  I was never really sucked into the hype but that doesn’t mean that i wasn’t interested in their products but it simply takes me a while to get caught up especially when it comes to beauty products. But recently i was lucky enough to be receiving the third installation in Urban Decay’s Naked Pallet’s Series – yes i’m talking about „NAKED 3“!

First of all, i absolutley fell in love with the design – wich is in my opinion a huge selling point when it comes to make up or let’s say beauty products in general! As you can see in the pictures the packaging has this really beautiful rosegold teint with a wavy surface. So when you open it up you’ll get to see the magic - 12 eyeshadows  - all of them have a bit of a rosegold/pinky tint but definitely with a cool underdown – so if you’re a fan of those kind of colors you’re defnitely will have a lovley time with this palette. I also love the fact that their palettes always come with a useable brush because we all know that 90% of the time you’ll get those crappy „space-filler“-brushes which are made for nothing! However, i still had no chance to try out every single color but i can already point my finger on my favorites which i’ve been using for almost 2 weeks in a row. My number one eyeshadow is defintiely „Trick“ which is a coppery shade with little silver microglitters in it, the second one is „Nooner“ a medium brown matte color (perfect crease color) and another favorite of my is "Factory" which looks good with all of the other colors. As you can see in the first picture those eyeshadow are 100% perfect on an everyday basis -  from day to night - and in my opinion it definitely doesn’t look to heavy handed – in other words, it just comes off as being really pretty!

All in all i would say that the Naked 3 Palette is definitely a great addition to you’re average eyeshadows because you can simply add a lot of more dynamic colors to your look and spice up your make up routine! So get excited, because Urban Decay will be available in Austria this October! 

Already available at the Marionnaud-OnlineShop!

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