Monday, September 29, 2014

Bristol - The Beginning of Fall // Styleguide TV Episode 2

Well, we all know that the fall season is full of events and in my position as being a blogger i often get the chance to attend amazing shop openings, dinner parties, fashionshows, product launches, conferences etc. – or let’s say amazing events in general – and yes i’m still really greatful for this amazing opportunities and definitely feel privileged in such cases. 

So last week i was invited along with Edisa to the Bristol Event in order to celebrate the beginning of fall – and  you guys know how much i love this season, especially the „indian summer“ as i like to call it! But this invitation kept me thinking that this might bet he perfect opportunity to create something different and to share more than just a simple instagram picture. So it was about time to switch things up and extend the possibilities.

You guys probably remember the first episode of StyleguideTV and that we actually planned on creating way more content for this Fashion Channel but at that time we realised that our schedule was way too packed with different things  and so we had to admit that it would be too crazy to continuing our project. But here we are again, with a fresh content and a big portion of enthusiam to share more than we did in the past. So for our second video or let’s say for the upcoming ones we decided to extend our categories from fashion to lifestyle/events and grasped the first chance with both hands to put our ideas to practice and since we are such lovers of Vienna we added way more than just a few glimpses of our outfits. 

As i already mentioned we got the chance to be a part of the wonderful Bristol event that took place at the extraordinary beautiful Bristol Lounge and we got the chance to experience a special and one-of-a kind menu with a range of delicious dishes and to celebrate the beginning of fall together with the invited guests. To give you the atmosphere of the wonderful night at Hotel Bristol in Vienna, we wanted to share our best moments with you. I hope you'll enjoy it! 

photo credit: Hotel Bristol 

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