Friday, February 22, 2013

Be aware // Ultrasun

Since i came to Vienna to years ago one of the best part was definitely the fact that my boyfriend showed me almost every little corner of this beautiful city. Instead of being lazy we always tried to avoid any kind of puplic transport. We checked out almost every dictrict by foot but i think there is still  much left to discover.  Anyway, at that time i became a really huge fan of "walking around" and i still love doing that - sometimes i bumped into really cool places, shops etc. (two days ago i even found a book about Coco Chanel i was craving for a long time in a really small bookstore - i guess puplic transport wouldn't have taken me there). But there is also another reason why i tell you this. Spending time outside increases our exposure to UV rays. That's why i always make sure that my skin is protected from the sun!

Well, my mom is a cosmetician and she always told me about the importance of SPF no matter what season it is but as a teenager i didn't really waste thoughts on it. For sure, some of you are aware that the sun is just as strong during the cold months and also responsible for most of the ageing process of the skin but there are always a few people without having all relevant information that UV rays are just as harmful during the wintertime as they are in the summertime, even if it's cloudy. What i meant to say is that it's also very important to take care and protect your skin before it's too late. And yes that sounds very overly didactic but your skin will thank you in 20 years, like my moms loves to say.

I always use either a foundation or face cream with at least SPF 15 up to 22 but now i'm also able to try out "high 30 SPF super sensitive"  from Ultrasun Professional Protection which is a Swiss provider of healthy sun protection products. Its free from perfume and preservatives and i really like the fact that it's not even oily - i mean who wants to look like a shiny disco ball. The cream isn't sticky at all and it actually absorbs really quickly which is in my opinion also a very important factor when it comes to suncreens. I was also sent a sample of the after sun product which has also this amazing airless dispenser!

With that being said i intend to try out these products in the next couple of weeks - let's see how it works. So what do you use to protect your face/hands/neck during the wintertime? 


  1. in winter my skin is so dry :(( i cant go out of the house without some creme on my face asp. on my lips :( damn weather


  2. Such great tips! Just discovered your blog and I'm in love with it, your style is amazing and you're so beautiful :)
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