Monday, March 5, 2012

February Glossybox

 And here we go again....and yes i know i'm probably the last one who's talking about
the glossy box of february. 

For the second time i received this lovely light pink box. I got a sheer lip gloss from
Cosline, L’Oréal hair spray, nail polish by Jessica Cosmetics, a hair mask from swiss
haircare and a little parfume from Issey Miyake.
If you’re not familiar with the concept of the glossybox here are the facts:
-       you’ll pay 11,90 Euro per month included shipping payment
-       you can quitt the contract whenever your want
-       for now you only can pay by creditcard
-       you’ll receive 5 beautyproducts – usually small sizes

So let’s talk about the content:

1. Nailpolish by Jessica Cosmetics , color #458 berry burst –  latey i wasn’t really into
nailpolish but for now i have to say that this is the perfect color during the day time. It
looks very natural and gives you a very elegant and soft look on your nails.

2. L’Eau D’Issey Florale“ from Issey Miyake – this perfume is perfect fort the upcoming
season. It’s very fresh, flowery and feminine. Maybe I’ll get this one for spring. 

3. L’Orèal Professionnell tecni.art air fix – It’s always nice to have products in a small size
which fits perfectly in every bag.

4. Swiss haircare – this on is for thin and weak hair which gives you extra volume – so let
 magic happen.

5. Cosline lip gloss – fort he last couple of months i fell in love with lipstick a lot and i only
use lip gloss as a hightlight but i don’t mind having this one in my make up collection.


  1. I think by now they raised the price to something like 18 euros. Quite a lot if you ask me :-)

  2. you're right ... way too much!!!