Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion Camp 2012

 On last Saturday and Sunday the FashionCamp 2012 took place at The Hub here in Vienna for the third time. Meeting 
so many bloggers at one place is always a nice experience and of course an intensive exchange of information if you
 take look back at the schedule. I was already impressed on Saturday where Diesel / 55DSL  hosted a Dinner Party at 
the movie theatre „Bellaria Kino“. I’ve already been there with my parents last year and i was so excited going back 
there again for a different reason. This whole side event has definitely exceeded my expectations. Click here to see 
more pictures of this wonderful night!! 
(all pictures were taken by Madeleine - dariadaria)

On Sunday I only attended two sessions of the Fashioncamp – the first one was all about „addicted to consumption“ 
andthe last one was about „Courage in the Blogger Business“. For all those people who weren’t able to join the event i 
highly recommend all videotaped sessions which will be up in the next few days on the FashionCamp Youtube Channel.  

 (DaWanda Workshop by Anna)
 (Make-up Workshop by Anna/Poschstyle)
Session: „addicted to consumption“ 
 (Sarah - thisisjanewayne / Vicky - bikinisandpassports / Karin - innenundaußen/Özi/fashionmonger
Luìsa - style-roulette / Sophie - Swarina)
  The whole fashion camp team (Maria RatzingerViktoria EggerSophie C. Burian & Anna Heuberger) have done such 
an amazing job on organizing the whole event. The intention was the same but the event has definitely upgraded to 
the NEXT level. 
(Theresa - Colazionea Roma & Sureena - BorderShell//Madeleine - dariadaria /  official fashion camp photographer)

(all pictures were taken by Madeleine - dariadaria)

See you next year!! 

Ps.: In the next few hours i'll show you what i was wearing on Sunday - so stay tuned! 

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